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Hello All,

I have dedicated media room and I'm very excited to set it up. I went to a professional theater store this past weekend and they say the minimum required for a decent HT system is $18,000-$20,000. Well, I don't have that much to spare right now so I have been doing a lot of reading on the AVS forums. I want to buy some good stuff and some cheap stuff (which I'll phase out as I have money to spend) - so in 2 years all of my equipment should be "decent".

The room is 22 ft long. It's 12 ft wide in the first half and 14 ft wide in the back half.

I would like to setup a "Frustration Free & Enjoyable " home theater system that is not very expensive. So far, I have come up with this:

1.) Panasonic PTAE8000U 1080p Full HD Projector =$2700.00

2.) Yamaha RX-V773WA Receiver = $800.00

3.) Elite Screen ( = $520.00

4.) Speakers for my 7.1 Pre-Wire - Really Confused on hat brand to go for - Klipsch RF 82 series or anything else. I'm not a audiophile but love great quality. Two RF 82 = $1200.00. . 4 Bookshelf Klipsch RB 81 II = $1800.00 (4 X 425.00). Klipsch SW308 subwoofer = $350.00. Center channel RC 62 II = $550.00.

Total for speakers = Approx $4000.000

5.) Incidentals: Brackets, HDMI's, LAN Cable, Projector Mount etc. Will buy a cheap A/V rack for now. $1000.00

Total expected budget = Around $9000.000. That's half of what the HT Store was telling me; I never got an official quote with equipment etc.


Question 1: I have a light controlled room - do I need the white screen or the grey screen. The price doesn't differ much. I wanted a Black diamond zero edge or a Firehawk but don't have the money now; maybe in a couple of years I'll change it out. I don't want to come home everyday and see crappy pic that will frustrate me so If I have to get a better and expensive screen, I'd rather wait.

Question 2 What's the biggest screen size I can go with given my room dimensions. I'll do 16:9 for now and live with the black bars for 2.35 movies. I would watch both sports and movies and will have one row of seating i.e. one big comfy couch from costco:)

Question 3: I can install the screen, speakers etc but I doubt I can setup the projector at the "right" throw ratio distance. Do you have any professional installer recommendations in Houston, TX who can setup a projector and calibrate the speakers etc?

Question 4 Please recommend any other speaker brands other than Klipsch which give me a 7.1 in around 4K.

Question 5 Have I missed out any required and important equipment from my budget?

Question 6 Any color recommendations for the paint - dark grey? Specific paint color and brand name would really help.


Thanks as always.
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You're forgetting a control solution. The pro would set you up with a nice bullet proof RF handheld remote. Harder to get bulletproof with DIY equipment, but not impossible. Just takes a lot of time.

The install would also include video and audio calibration, also possible with DIY, but again, takes time to figure out.

Any lighting control included, with that price tag? Lights dim when movie starts, some lights come on with pause?

Some basic acoustic treatments might also be included, to minimize first reflections.

That HT store might also specify some higher end equipment, that some clients might appreciate.

The installer needs to make money. Sure, you're paying a markup, but they have answers that will take you a good deal of time to figure out. You may enjoy the process tremendously, and find a new hobby. But keep in mind it will take time. The premium is for that knowledge, that you need to obtain.

All your answers are here on AVS, if you can find them. It will do you good to read through many of the threads in the Dedicated HT and Design subforum.

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I hear you neurorad and I would love to have a professional do a 20-30K system but I just don't have that much to spare right now. So, I'm trying to go part DIY and part professional (for projector install and calibration).

I have been reading these forums and I had some specific questions based on my first post. Thanks.
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Before getting to specific questions you may getter better answers in each specific categories forum. With that said:

1). I think you will be fine with either white or grey. You might need to figure out screen size first and throw distance to know what your light output will be to know how bright of an image you will get with each.

2). Your scree can really be as large as the wall can handle - room needed to fit speakers. So say for example you end up with the Klipsch they are 9.5" wide so about one foot on each side incase you need to angle them at all. That leaves you with 10 feet(sounded like it would be on the 12' wall) so the take away the almost 6 inches for the border of the frame you linked and you are left with 114 inches of width. Which gives you up to 130" diagonal 16:9 screen.

3). With the projector you have chose a zoom and lens shift you should be able to mount anywhere from about 13-25(no exact) and have it work just fine. Also you could buy a calibration disc and do that yourself at least as a start.

4). Definitely check the speaker and subwoofer forums as there will be tons of brands recommended.

5). Universal remote is the main thing I see missing off quick glance.

6). Darker is better but no specific recommendations.

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