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Hello Everyone, I've been a long time lurker (n00b) in this forum.. I've seen what people have done to their homes and now I want to have one built myself.. The current basement is unfinished.. I've not broke ground yet.. just waiting on my township permits

I'm thinking of a dedicated room size of 25Lx16W give a take a foot. will be using 6" studs with double insulation for the framing of the walls.. with 1/2 sheet rock.. and Led lighting...

I need a screen, fixed if possible.., like to get a 130' to 150" screen without loosing any picture quality. dedicated room would be dark gray with black ceiling and now outside light coming in..
These are the current items I have and would like to use, instead of spending more cash..

Defintive Tech's - 2 - BP2000's w/built in 350w subs I think
Defintive Tech's - 2 BPVX
Defintive Tech's - CLR 2002
Yamaha sound processor Asp3000 <-- dead may you rest in peace..
Sony 3D Blu-ray player

Planning on purchasing a nice 3D projector.. confused on either Panasonic ae8000 or Sony HW50.. . Wife and Son love 3D...
Looking into purchasing another set Defintive tech's 8060 series.. 2 more tower facing side walls and center with my c/l/r/2002 paired along with 8080 surrounds..
Theater seats 3 front and 4 back.. carpeted floors is possible.. rest of basement is still unknown... (small kitchen type bar minus the stove/oven) would like to get a bar gun/soda dispenser, but heard it was pain in @$$ to install and clean?eek.gif

Ordering some 12 gauge cable for the speakers from monoprice as mentioned in the forums.. for running the speaker wire.. I'd figure a 300 foot spool would be enough for the set-up.. any hdmi recommendations.. monoprice has them but don't know which ones to get.. frown.gif

Any helpful advice is greatly appreciated.. biggrin.gif
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I'm not sure where you are located. While fiberglass is good for sound it's bad for mold and moisture. I think you'd be better off with 2" of foam and then 4" studs with fiberglass between them, at least if you live in a cold area. I'd also recommend OSB over Platon or drycore flooring, or something else.

1/2" sheetrock is fine on the walls IMO, though on the ceiling you might consider more than just that for example resilient channel or double drywall with green glue. Adding resilient channel only added about 100 bucks (materials only, my labor is free) to my 600 sq/ft project. I can always add a second layer of drywall with green glue later if need be (hopefully not). There are a lot of expensive soundproofing solutions but for a game/rec room all I did was resilient channel and r-19 between the joists which IMO is the bare minimum one should do.

I wish I could be more helpful with the HDMI / Screen questions. I ran 1-1/2 empty conduit from the wall to the ceiling for the projector so I can fish a cable through easily. I also put an electrical outlet there. Do those things and it won't matter what cables you buy as you can easily change it later (and you will).

I'd be surprised if you need 300 ft for a 5.1 setup.

Best of luck.
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Consider reaching out to Ted White an expert contributor on this forum or read his posts about soundproofing rooms. And definitely read through the "What I'd Do Differently" thread in the Dedicated Theater and Design Forum.
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