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NealAtTheWheel's Avatar NealAtTheWheel 08:20 AM 01-07-2013
Well, I know most people usually post pics as they build on here, but I wanted to wait until everything was just about done. We still need to tile the bathroom and finish the shower as well, but for the most part, the basement is done! It's been a hectic build to say the least...

Current setup in the theater is as follows:

92 inch cinewhite Elite Screen
Epson Home Cinema 8350
Yamaha rx-v373
Pioneer Sp-FS52's for the front
Pioneer SP-C22 Center
Pioneer SP-BS22's for the rear
Klipsch SW-350 Sub (Man this thing hits hard for an 8" sub!)

Xbox360 via HDMI
DirecTV via HDMI
Sony Blu-Ray via HDMI

Logitech Harmony 900 Remote (which is working really for my needs to conceal all A/V equipment behind a wall using the R/F frequency)

Overall, my wife and I are loving it. It's hard to pull us out of the basement. We just graduated from college about two years ago and wanted to go ahead and finish the basement before we had kids, because we knew it would be years (if ever) if we waited until after we had kids.

To make the most of our space, we chose to have pocket doors (solid core) installed at the back of our theater to conserve space. That way, when we have a big party etc., we can simply slide the doors into the wall and make it one big room.

Here's a wall we ended up taking out to open the room up

Here is where the bar will be going:

Here is the bar starting to go up:

Looking from where the theater will be into where the pool table will be:

Looking into where the theater will go, and the framing of the pocket doors has started:

The pocket doors are installed!

We chose to do all recessed can lights and went with a concrete stain on the floor. We had a concrete cutter come out and cut the concrete to look like big pieces of tile as well.

Here is the screen in the theater mounted, and still no carper in the theater:

Looking out to where the pool table will be:

Our finished basement decorated for a tacky sweater Christmas party! haha!

We had a stock the bar party as well and our friends were very generous!

The pool table and custom bench in the background:

The custom bench with storage inside. The whole top is on a hinge and lifts up:

Looking into the theater:

The theater!

The seating in the theater. I built an 8 inch riser for the back row: (this picture was taken before the pool table was installed, which is why it's absent from the rear of this picture.)

We had someone come in and paint stars on our ceiling and they did a GREAT job!! Night sky murals did it and we were very impressed. I wish the picture did it justice... there are literally thousands of stars up there. There are four, 4 foot black lights hidden in the recessed soffits.

And that's our basement! smile.gif

UGAd13's Avatar UGAd13 10:52 AM 01-07-2013
looks great!

Go Dawgs! (Murray's back!)
Go Braves!
NealAtTheWheel's Avatar NealAtTheWheel 12:33 PM 01-07-2013
Originally Posted by UGAd13 View Post

looks great!
Go Dawgs! (Murray's back!)
Go Braves!

Thanks! And yes, I'm so pumped Murray is coming back!
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