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cbo0485's Avatar cbo0485 01:41 PM 01-27-2013
I have a drop ceiling in my basement and have been looking at my mount options. The location I want to put my projector in, has a little bit of duct work near it and may make it hard to run a normal mount through the drop ceiling to the joists above.

So I have been looking at alternatives. Has anyone used or seen this projector, or one similar to it?

Any opinions on this? Seems like it'd work perfectly for me as it would just replace the current ceiling tile in that location.

Jim McC's Avatar Jim McC 02:50 PM 01-27-2013
It seems like it would work. It says it supports 30 lbs. But I didn't think a suspended ceiling system could support that much weight. I'm wondering about ceiling tile/projector movement though(if people are walking above, etc). How much does your projector weigh?

When I made my mount, I just cut a hole in the ceiling tile, and the pipe runs thru the tile, and gets bolted to blocking between 2 joists. The tile supports zero weight.
cbo0485's Avatar cbo0485 03:09 PM 01-27-2013
19 lbs. Panasonic ae7000. That's what I was originally thinking, but started looking at other options.
mn_hokie's Avatar mn_hokie 07:17 PM 01-27-2013
I agree. While the plate seems like a good idea, your weak link is the grid you're putting it in. If the plate doesn't somehow tie in directly to the joists, I'd stay away. That can be one expensive repair if it fails.
weaselfest's Avatar weaselfest 05:04 AM 01-29-2013
those types of ceiling grid plates are usually only acceptable in many locations when equipped with a cabled safety harness.
The Chief or Peerless version of the same style mount include a small gauge safety cable to attach the frame to a structural member. screw four eyebolts as directly above the four corners of the plate as possible and run wire rope through a hole in the plate to your anchor point. snug up the slack and ratchet down your wire clamp. (unless you can find the cool self latching type). safety factor of al least three if your anchor points are up to the job, plus it can help take the weight off your grid, which would likely sag a little.
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