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Adam34996's Avatar Adam34996 03:39 PM 01-31-2013
So I painted my white trim red to match the walls but I am not sure I like it. Should I go back white? Or maybe black? Please help

iamjason's Avatar iamjason 10:44 PM 01-31-2013
my room has the same colors - i would go black base boards - on the red walls it is an accent color and on the screen wall it blends in and is not a visual distraction.
jautor's Avatar jautor 10:49 PM 01-31-2013
+1 for black.

Then get some black outlet / keystone plates to replace those white ones on the screen wall, too.
Bucsroom's Avatar Bucsroom 07:46 AM 02-01-2013
rmajor55's Avatar rmajor55 09:04 PM 02-02-2013
Black for the win biggrin.gif
design1stcode2nd's Avatar design1stcode2nd 03:29 PM 02-05-2013
Black, the red is drawing your eye away from the screen and competing for attention. It should just blend into the screen wall.
hltr's Avatar hltr 05:08 PM 02-07-2013
Black, unless for some reason you want to draw the eye there ;-)
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