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cooper5114's Avatar cooper5114 08:29 PM 02-05-2013
Take a look at the following 2 pictures. This is a room above a garage -- essentially the room is the shape of a T and this is one corner. Since it's a room above the garage the ceiling is composed of a center flat portion and side sections that slope at a 45 degree angle. The ceiling terminates into knee walls.

I'm trying to figure out where the ceiling mounted speakers should go. I'm planning on using HTD's 8" speakers and some type of bookshelf speakers in the front and rear. i'm thinking i may need to move them back some and put them in the sloped ceiling such that they are behind and to the side of the couch. With that slope the sound would not be coming straight down. You can also see approximately where i'm putting the rear bookshelf speakers.

The second picture shows the entertainment center i'm planning on building. Speakers will go behind the black boxes -- probably only start w/a single sub.

soooo...what do you think of the speaker placement. I need to decide soon as i'm almost done w/wiring and sheetrock will start soon.


plan view.png 37k .png file
front view.png 39k .png file
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bepperb's Avatar bepperb 09:56 AM 02-07-2013
I'm not sure how much aiming you can do with them, but if you put them on the sloped portion of the ceiling I think you'll have to move them so far down the wall to be pointing at the listening position they might as well be the rears. I would put them as far back and as wide as you can on the level portion of the ceiling.

I'm by no means an expert, maybe this will bump you up for a second opinion.

One more thought, the speakers (especially the tweeters) really need to be "aimed" ideally within 30 degrees of pointing at the listener's ear, so however you can pull that off.
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