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Atren's Avatar Atren 10:10 AM 02-13-2013
I have a room ~250sqft in my basement that I use as my computer room but it is badly outdated ('70's) and I am looking for ideas to upgraded to a more modern look.

Please post your pictures or links of similar rooms you designed. I'd like to see what the community has done and hopefully get some great ideas to upgrade my badly outdated play area.

Sonyad's Avatar Sonyad 02:33 PM 02-13-2013
Head one forum down for this thread:
Atren's Avatar Atren 07:19 AM 02-14-2013
ahh great. I was wondering why no one was hitting. Like the guy that started the thread you linked I also had problems finding a thread like this in the search. Guess it helps to look in the right spot
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