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I'm putting a new roof and new flooring in a detached structure at the same time I'm adding a bathroom. The structure is used as a living room area (it's called an office but is living space); and this living area is dedicated primarily to audio, home theater, and wine.

The renovations are providing me with an opportunity to change my set up, including running conduit for connections and wires. I have some basic questions about set up and what to make sure I do in the process.

Notes on the space:
The space is about 500SF, of which the movie viewing area is about 20'W x 15'D.

I intend to mount my projector about 15' away from the wall with the screen and mount an approximate 110" electric, tab tensioned screen. Currently the projector is table mounted behind a window in the wall behind the couch across from the screen, but this area will no longer be available.

The space does not have conduit run to it (but I may do this) for in wall cable (I don't have it), or other entertainment sources but I want to equip the space for other uses in the future (i.e. get cable wiring in as needed).

The existing ceiling is a very unique stained wood paneling so 'repairing' the ceiling is not an option -- cutting and dropping need to be very clean. Floor will be poured concrete so this is a "one time" deal on floor conduit. Ceiling is inaccessible if the roof is not off, so conduit up here is a "one time deal" as well when the roof comes off.

Questions (and open for any/all suggestions)

General location
1) When installing the projector, this needs to be centered exactly where the screen will be installed, correct?

Table vs. Ceiling mount
Table Mount:
I can mount he projector on a table off the wall (vs. a table dropped from the ceiling). A wall table mount will be very close the the ceiling in height.
2) Any reason or advantage to mounting on a wall table vs. from the ceiling?

Ceiling Mount
The ceiling peaks at an angle in the middle of the room, and the the projector will be located behind the high center point, but still on an angled ceiling.
3) Are ceiling mounts (vs. table mounts) suitable for an angled ceiling?

Cabling / Conduit
4) When I run conduit and electrical to the ceiling, what do I need to consider? Should I run two HDMI cables to the source even if I only intend to use one? What else should I do at the time the roof is off?

5) Other than one outlet on the ceiling above the projector (is this the cleanest way to do power and can I get a super short quality power cord somewhere?), and conduit for pulling HDMI out of the ceiling, any considerations for conduit or cables to where the projector will be mounted?

6) I can run conduit in the floor as well as on the ceiling when I pour new floors. I was thinking of this mostly as a way to create versatility for speaker wire and component location, but wonder if there are other considerations.

7) What other cabling or conduit or cable should I run at the time the roof is off or when I run conduit from the main house to the detached structure? (Not sure I can actually get conduit from the main structure to the detached structure at this point without a lot of effort and a very long not straight path.)

8) Is a dedicated curcuit required for the projector?

9) I plan to install an screen but am thinking wall vs. in-ceiling mount for cost and "how the hell do I get at that easily" considerations. Smart move or should I look at available space for an in ceiling install? (Sounds like it may add substantial cost to the project.) Fixed screen is not an option since the screen is too small for my taste if just fixed on the wall between the two windows.

Any additional thoughts or considerations I should keep in mind? This is not my "last house" so I'm not inclined to invest heavily in building out the room expressly for HT -- this is mostly about being smart and achieving a clean look while the floor is torn out and the roof is off.
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Bump -- any feedback? If these questions are not specific enough to merit their own thread, please LMK.
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I'd run all the cables you can outside of the conduits. The conduits are for future cables.

Not too many people with DIY conduit experience here, in poured concrete. It's my understanding that water will get into the below-grade conduit, whatever you do, so use cables that are outdoor rated in that conduit.

Every place you run HDMI, run a couple category cables too, for future use - for when the next generation of HDMI is released.

Dedicated circuit for projector not required.

Can the screen be hung on the wall, above the windows? Is there room?

Don't use conduit for speaker cables. They will never change. If you can't decide between 2 positions for a speaker, wire both locations. Cable is cheap.

Short power cord - amazon, if the cord can be removed. Inspect the cord connection on the PJ before buying the cord, make sure you buy the right one. Most are standardized. IEC common.

Sorry I can't help with PJ Qs.

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Center placement is ideal for projector placement, but almost every projector out now has lens shift technology that will allow you to move the lens off axis without distorting it digitally.

+1 on the comment about a dedicated circuit for the projector. I have always installed a new 20amp circuit for my AV rack and just looped the projector in with that. It doesn't need one of it's own.
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