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I am currently building a new house where the great room will have in-wall/in-ceiling speakers (5.1) and a wall-mounted TV with a recessed electrical outlet and low voltage plate behind the TV. I need some advice/recommendations for the placement of everything. I'm especially not sure how high the electrical outlet/low voltage plate should be placed on the wall. The AV company rep that I met with said they typically place these 60" high on the wall. As I've thought more about this, I'm concerned that this will be too high. From the information I've researched, I've learned that the TV should be mounted at a height that places the center of the screen at seated eye level (around 39"-45"?). I'm not sure what the best location is for the electrical outlet/low voltage plate in relation to the wall mount bracket. I'm guessing that the ideal placement is below the wall mount bracket. That's where I've usually seen them placed in the various installation videos and pictures I've seen. However, I've notice they are sometimes placed in the middle of the bracket (for those that have rectangular-shaped brackets). So, that is my first question. Is it best to place the electrical outlet/low voltage plate below the TV wall mount bracket? Does it matter? How high on the wall is your electrical outlet/low voltage plate (for those of you that have tried mounting your TV at seated eye level)?

It's my understanding that the front speakers should be placed at about seated ear level. I plan on placing the center channel below this height because that would force the TV to be higher than it should be. My TV stand is 24 1/4" high. I was planning on having them install the in-wall center channel just slightly above my TV stand height, and I will wall mount my TV so that the bottom of the TV is just slightly above the top of the center channel speaker. I don't know the dimensions of the center channel speaker (7-9 inches in height?), but I'm guessing this will push the center of my TV a little higher than seated eye level. How much space should there be between the stand and the center channel, and the center channel and the TV?

I currently have a 46" TV, but I plan on eventually getting a larger TV--perhaps as big as 60". I would like to place the wall bracket high enough to accommodate a larger TV so that I don't have to later move the bracket higher. This will obviously force me to place my 46" TV higher than it should be.

Is there anyone out there that has a setup similar to what I'm planning on (in-wall center channel and wall mounted TV close to seated eye level)? How high did you place everything? I'm thinking it would be better to have the electrician install the electrical outlet/low voltage plate about 40"-50" high on the wall. What are your recommendations? Sorry for my rambling. I hope I made sense. Thanks in advance.
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