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mkiv808's Avatar mkiv808 10:08 AM 03-13-2013
I'm going to be installing some in-wall Emotiva speakers in my home theater re-build.

Right now, I have a 5.1 setup with speakers slightly behind the listening area angled 45 degrees toward the middle of the sectional.

Unfortunately, with my wall situation, there's a window where normally I could have the SL/SR speakers right at ear level.

My only option is to have them about 2-3' in front of the main listening area. There is a section of the sectional that will be level with, but for the most part the listeners will be slightly behind it. The room overall is about 25' long and 13' wide.

I would then have the rears in the ceiling pointed toward the listening area (with adjustable tweeters) about 3' behind the listening area. Again, the ceiling is a necessity for the rears due to room shape challenges. There will be roughly 6' between the side surrounds and rear surrounds.

Will this be acceptable? Everything I've read says that the sides should be directly to the side of the listening area.

mkiv808's Avatar mkiv808 10:24 AM 03-13-2013
I made a crude, not-to-scale drawing of it.

Black = walls
Red = speakers
Grey = furniture

mkiv808's Avatar mkiv808 07:17 PM 03-13-2013
mn_hokie's Avatar mn_hokie 08:48 PM 03-13-2013
You'll be fine. Go to a commercial theater and take a look at where the surrounds are. The key is that they're at proper height and spaced accordingly. With these being discreet channels, and assuming you have things calibrated correctly, you shouldn't notice too much.
robotolove's Avatar robotolove 05:57 PM 03-14-2013
I won't pretend to be an authority on proper speaker placement (you should see where I had to put my surrounds) but I believe it all comes down to proper calibration. Put your speakers where you can and run your test tones or whatever sound calibration your receiver has. My screwy set up spits in the face of all conventional speaker placement standards but sounds great. It may sound corny, but listen to your ears. Thank goodness for MCACC.
mkiv808's Avatar mkiv808 11:47 PM 03-31-2013
Cool, I also will have aimable tweeters on the in-walls - so that should help.
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