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leoveera's Avatar leoveera 05:25 PM 03-27-2013

I have followed several threads on this site and learned lot of things. Thanks to everyone who are contributing and sharing information.

I am building a new home and I am putting a media room in it. The dimensions of the media room is 20 X 14 x 9. Here is an image for better view.

As you can see there is a slope in one of the corners. The rise is 1' 10" over a run of 3' 8". The wall where I am thinking to put projector is 14 feet wide, 9 feet height. Can I put a 120" screen considering the sloping corner?

Also the entry door is something I can adjust. Is the current location good?

For wiring, I am thinking a Cat6 and HDMI to the projector is good. Anything more?
I havent researched about speaker options. But I am thinking 7.1 surround. what is the best speaker placement options so I can prewire for it?

Thanks for any suggestions and tips.

leoveera's Avatar leoveera 11:44 AM 03-29-2013
OK, to get a better idea, I drew (to relative scale) the wall I plan to put the screen on. Here it is:

The lengths noted in the diagram are in feet. The screen dimension there are for a 120 inch screen with 16:9 ratio. I am convinced that I can comfortably put it there. But now I am thinking should I go any bigger? maybe 2.35:1 ratio or a bigger dimension screen? any advice?

Also the slope is there through the entire room on right side ceiling. So acoustically, are there any tips on where to place speakers?

Thanks guys.
jautor's Avatar jautor 01:13 PM 03-29-2013
20' is at the long end of the throw for most "reasonably priced" projectors. (What's your budget for this project?) Why not ceiling mount 3-5' closer?

Screen size should be determined by your seating - figure out the seating plan first - just the one row at ~15'? Going larger than the 120" you show doesn't leave you much space for speakers on the sides without getting them into the corners.

Avoid putting any speakers on that slope - mount them on/in the wall below the slope.

leoveera's Avatar leoveera 04:01 PM 03-29-2013
Thanks Jeff, wow 5000 posts .. good going ..

I don't have a very tight budget, little bit flexible there. I am thinking around 5k for projector, screen and speakers. Is that reasonable for a decent home theater?

Yes, projector positioning is something I can change. Seating for now is single row at about 15 feet, but I don't want to rule out 2-row seating in the future.
jautor's Avatar jautor 12:00 AM 03-30-2013
Originally Posted by leoveera View Post

Thanks Jeff, wow 5000 posts .. good going ..

Dang it - I meant to save that round-number post for my own thread! rolleyes.gif
I don't have a very tight budget, little bit flexible there. I am thinking around 5k for projector, screen and speakers. Is that reasonable for a decent home theater?

If you can push it a little that's enough for one of the really nice Epson projectors plus enough gear around it... And yes, regardless, you can absolutely get an excellent setup for $5k.
leoveera's Avatar leoveera 11:18 PM 04-12-2013
Okay, i have a quote from the wiring company that my builder is using for their homes. I don't know if the builder will allow me to do the wiring myself or let me hire someone to do it. I am gonna ask about this.

Anyway, is this price reasonable or too high?
Amount: approx. $2900

Whats to be done:

1 structured wiring main panel
1 media room with 7.1
1 family room with 5.1
3 zone home audio (stereo prewire with control drops)
4 conduits (size 1.5-inch) running between different locations (house is 2 story)
12 different places where there is gonna be a coax and/or data ports

all pre-wiring only with faceplates, no equipment included

They are supplying all wires; data cat5e, coax is rg6qs, and speaker wires 16/2
House is in Austin, TX

Thanks for your response.
ctviggen's Avatar ctviggen 07:00 AM 04-13-2013
Do the faceplates include connectors? To me, that doesn't seem like a bad price. I ran my own wires (in a house that was already built), and it's a pain in the butt. Plus, you need the right drills, bits, etc., and you need to know the codes (so you can properly size holes for instance). It'll take you a bunch of time just to figure out how to do everything correctly.
leoveera's Avatar leoveera 09:36 AM 04-13-2013
thanks Bob.
the coax/data ports have connectors of course; the 5.1 and 7.1 surrounds terminate in a HT wall plate with connectors. the 3-zone audio does not have any connectors, just a blank plate with hole.
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