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tsqrd's Avatar tsqrd 03:46 PM 04-02-2013
Construction is under way on my new house, and I'm attempting to plan out my HT setup for our main floor. The top corner will include a linear fireplace, and the bottom corner will conceal my AV equipment (accessible from a door in the stairway). As info, this room opens into the kitchen area. I have a few concerns on placement for speakers, and was hoping for some input here. I'm envisioning a U-shaped sectional and with rear/back channels in the ceiling. The LR channels will also need to be in-wall to appease my Wife. I have some concerns with the R channel and the heat from the fireplace, and I really do not know where I'm going to put the subwoofer (perhaps along the window?). Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Planned Equipment:

TV: Samsung UN55B8000
Receiver: Denon AVR-2113CI
LR: Hsu HIW-1 Horn In-Walls
C: Hsu HC-1 MK2
LS,RS,LB,RB: Undecided, however the Monoprice in-ceilings look decent.
Sub: I like the VTF-15H, but I'm open to suggestions.

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