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obiwandicker's Avatar obiwandicker 05:14 AM 04-28-2013

my name is Michael and I´m from Germany. I would like to present my Home Cinema. Please excuse by bad english, but it is not my mother tongue. The idea to present it here was born a long time ago. I was reading so many good stuff here which was a great inspiration. And I think it could be interesting for you to see how this home cinemas is build on a different continent.

The connection to the USA is quite a strong one. My wife and I have friends in the Denver area. This was initiated by a student exchange in 1991 and we are still in contact and visit each other regularly. At least every 2 years. Furthermore, traveling is another hobby and we have been a couple of times to the US to see some national parks. But back to the Cinema.

It all begann 2005. We were planning to build a house. When the first sketches arrived, I reserved half the basement for a combination of billard and home cinema. With no how who to do that. I even got 7 cinema seats out of a closed Cinema in Berlin when the house was not even finished.

Room dimensions are: 31 feet by 15 feet with a smaller section at one end.

This picture shows the plan. Billard on one side. Home Cinema on the other side. The removeable screen in the middle of the room, otherwise playing pool would not be possible.
That´s when I came up with the logo:

The combination of pool and home cinema.

Stay tuned for the making of. Hope you enjoy my little room.


obiwandicker's Avatar obiwandicker 05:15 AM 04-28-2013
Even in this small room I wanted stadium seating. So a base was build:

4 of the cinema seats (one year old and carefully cleaned) were installed

and a smaller section for the other 3 seats

The idea was to have a kind of back structure, where the Surround Speakers should be integrated

I decided for a light color for the walls. I know that a darker color would be better for the contrast, but I liked this one better.
obiwandicker's Avatar obiwandicker 05:16 AM 04-28-2013
The room should be divided and I needed to install lighting and the screen. A kind of wall/ceiling frame was the solution for me.

In the front you can see the removable screen (6,5 ft length 16:9)

Closed and with lighting

Before painting:


Lighting and screen are remotely controlled.
obiwandicker's Avatar obiwandicker 05:16 AM 04-28-2013
A film strip as a decoration and a cable channel

And with pictures:

To create the film strip I copied and enlarged a film strip till I could measure the dimensions. I set it in proportion to existing pictures. My dad helped a lot, he cut out all the tiny little holes.
obiwandicker's Avatar obiwandicker 05:16 AM 04-28-2013

I decided to take a Teufel System. THX Select approved in a 7.1 setup.

The Surround and Surround Back Speaker were integrated into the film strip. The original idea of putting the speakers in the back construction was not good, because the speakers would be too close to the ears.

obiwandicker's Avatar obiwandicker 05:16 AM 04-28-2013
Room Divider / Front including speaker

I took two pieces of furniture from IKEA and made a construction around it.


View from the seats:

View from the billard area:

Acoustic transparent covers:

So in this construction are the 3 front speakers + Subwoofer integrated. The IKEA furniture provides a nice optic and storage space for disks,....
obiwandicker's Avatar obiwandicker 05:16 AM 04-28-2013

The carpet around the pool table is a durable one that survives a lot of walking around the table. For the cinema area I wanted a darker one:

The whole back construction was covered:

obiwandicker's Avatar obiwandicker 05:39 AM 04-28-2013
Self made hifi rack:

obiwandicker's Avatar obiwandicker 05:39 AM 04-28-2013
Impressions of the opening:

obiwandicker's Avatar obiwandicker 06:49 AM 04-28-2013
Opening was December 2007. The main construction took 3 month. First equipment was:

- Teufel Speaker System 5 THX Select 7.1
- Cinescreen Tension (79 inch wide 16:9)
- Samsung Blu Ray Player
- Mitsubishi HC 4900 (the first FULL HD Beamer under 2000 €, back in these days)

Since then a lot of changed and I got some updates.
- Panasonic Blu Ray Player (Code 2)
- Panasonic Blu Ray Player (Code 1) (fits perfectly into the hand luggage -bought it on my last trip to the US)
- 3D Beamer JVC X3 with 7 glasses
- Subwoofer "The Beast" SVS PB13 Ultra with 16 hrz tuning
- Antimode 2.0
- Playstation 3
- Sky (european Pay TV) Satellite Receiver
- Pioneer LX 56 Receiver

To get an idea about the actual design please look at my youtube video:

To get an impression about a german home cinema meeting look at:

I live on the countryside in Germany. Its difficult to find home cinema enthusiasts but its possible. I´m member of "Heimkinofreunde Niedersachsen" ( Friends of home cinema Lower Saxony). We are a group which meets and visit each other regularly and go on home cinema tours.

Hope you liked my cinema and would appreciate feedback.

( Obiwan is obvious, but as a NICK often used, Dicker means "bigger person", so the combination is my Nickname)
ctviggen's Avatar ctviggen 07:46 AM 04-28-2013
That's a very interesting design. I like the idea of the partial wall for the screen. Are your walls concrete? Is that the reason for using the film strip to run wires?
obiwandicker's Avatar obiwandicker 07:50 AM 04-28-2013
Yes they are concrete. Also when The room was build I had no idea about the design. The film strip shows that it is a home cinema and it covers well the cables.
My next home cinema I would plan more carefully.
Thanks for the feedback.
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