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I've been quite a lurker for a while here at AVS and this place has had many an answer to my questions as I worked on my A/V cabinet and other projects over the years (thanks to those who dealt with some of my stupid Q's!) . I finally finished my project (loose term of course finished is, then you go "hmm, I could really stand to upgrade that TV...") and want to share it.

The movie is kind of long (even I tend to go damn when is this guy gonna shut up?) so I have some stills too. Please note the stills are older than the video....I have cleaned up and re-routed all the wiring so you can hardly see any of it. The first photo also includes my old Onkyo instead of my newer (lesser) Pioneer....since the Onkyo fried it's HDMI board soon after the photos were taken. Had to go budget because of that on the AVR for now as I just needed something.

Next step (which will basically be initiated whenever the lamp in my current TV dies or whenever I hit the lotto, whichever comes first) will be to get either a larger TV (could fit a 70 on that table, that's a 60 there) or a projector. I may paint the room darker as well but I figure I am going to wait until I am bringing in a new display anyway. I'd like to get new surrounds at some point as that should be fairly economical to do, then replace the receiver (again). And of course then start the process all over! smile.gif

Would like to get my HTPC downstairs and into the cabinet as well....but I'd need some new electrical run AND I am not sure I want to play, say, COH2 on a TV from my couch. Seems wrong somehow. That one's up in the air. Not sure I want to do the work involved.

Wish I had before and afters but I really didn't think that far ahead....but basically it was just one of those spots under the stairs in a typical basement. Anyway, thanks again for anyone who answered a Q for me either in a thread or in a PM over the years (one guy really helped me a lot and sadly I cannot recall his name, and the PMs are long gone).

I'm up for suggestions that require more elbow grease than $$ as I do love working on the thing! This is clearly a budget minded build (and I totally understand very low rent by these parts standards) so please keep that in mind. wink.gif
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