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06-09-2013 | Posts: 41
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My wife and I just moved into our first home. Though I kept an eye out for the perfect dedicated home theater space during our house hunt, compromises had to be made in the end. The space is a lot better than most of the basement spaces I saw, but it is open and the layout has me a little confused as to the best layout. For instance, the two doors on the top wall in the pic lead to the HVAC and (empty) washer/dryer closet. Those doors and the space taken up by those closets really disrupt the space, in my opinion.

I toyed around with SketchUp (for the fist time, excuse the crudeness of my model) to show the layout and how some of my components will fit. The main issues I'm considering right now are (1) which wall to place the screen and front speakers on, and (2) where to put the sub. I currently have a 42" lcd but plan to eventually upgrade to a projector.

First option: The room is wired to have the TV go on the 139 1/4" wall (top of pic). In that configuration, my TV stand, front speakers, and sub could all fit along that wall. One problem with this configuration is I'm not sure where I will place the L/R surrounds. It's not clear from the pic, but if the right surround was placed on the wall that encloses the staircase, it would have to be placed pretty far down that side of the room. But this layout would provide a nice big wall for a projection screen down the road.

Second option (shown in pic): My TV stand and front speakers could just barely fit in the alcove at the front side of the basement (left side of pic). In this configuration, I'm wondering if my Hsu VTF-15H could be placed behind the TV stand, facing to the left or right relative to the listening position. I've read different things about placing a sub behind the speaker or center channel. Some say not to do it ever, others say it is fine. I'm mainly worried about the vibrations from the sub effecting the components in the cabinets, and any potential audio interference with the center channel. The sub could also fit next to the back couch, behind the first couch--I feel like this might be a better placement but just hate to waste the space behind the TV. When I upgrade to a projector, if the screen size is too big to fit in the alcove, I could mount a retractable screen just in front of the alcove, with speakers to the side of the alcove, and then place a loveseat or something in the alcove.

Also, I know the best placement for the sub, sound-wise, should probably be determined with some testing. But I'd still appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

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If you move the TV/projector screen to the top wall you get more depth and will allow you to get a better 7.1 experience in the future. The rears should be directly behind you and if you leave it the way you propose in sketch-up the rears would have to either be ceiling mounted or like 10 feet back.
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