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Hi Guys,

Before I go about resetting up my HTPC box, I'd like to ask a little bit of advice. These are the components I have for my setup and I'll post my wanted configuration of it, and can anyone tell me the best way to go about doing this...

Ideally I'd want everything to be away somewhere. I want it to not ever really be seen and I detest cables, but I don't mind the odd cable or two. What I want is everything in a cupboard which will stream to 2 rooms. I've tried a couple of configuration, and this is what I felt is best, but please point me out if I'm going in the right direction.

This is what I'd like and please make any recommendations as you see fit.

I'd like my 2 xbox's and my HTPC put away in to a cupboard (or in the lounge in a unit) . These Xbox'es are different, that being one is a J-Tagged Xbox and the other a normal 4GB Slim Xbox. I have different games on both, but I'd like them both to be able to be played and accessed in both my bedroom and in the lounge. I don't plan on playing both at the same time, it's more a matter of being able to play both Xboxes in both rooms. Adding onto that, I have a HTPC box, which I'm still unsure whether I'd like to have to run all the time as I don't see it entirely necessary and I'm mostly home in the evening. I had planned on putting SABNZDB onto the HTPC, but after a bit of research I found out that I can use the Raspberry Pi as an always on Usenet download and to host all my Usenet programs. (Sickbeard/Couchpotato/Headphones/Sabnzdb), but I'm not entirely sure the process I'd go about making the Raspberry Pi into a dedicated always on box that will be able to download shows (say to a single 2TB hard drive ) (which I would then manually move the data when it's full to my HTPC box) wirelessly (or wired).
- In essence the Rasberry Pi would be a usenet download to literally download to a 2TB constantly which I'd be able to access via Windows Explorer and be able to move onto my HTPC box (this is depending on if I'd use the Raspberry as a USEnet machine or my HTPC box)

Now I thought about taking this setup, putting it into my lounge into a cabinet (with the HTPC, Xboxes and Potential Raspi USENET machine (with my router) and putting it into the lounge (hidden) with a HDMI swictch(I have a manual HDMI switch and then into a HDMI Splitter - From this point where would I go. Would I use a CAT5 HDMI extender or a Wireless HDMI set. I'm looking for a good solution with the cheapest overall costs in the end. I have 10m HDMI extension cable which I currently use to hide stuff.

All of these components would go into my projector which is in the lounge (projector only has one HDMI) and there's the second LCD in the bedroom.

Carrying on from this point, the setup gets a little more complicated. All of these devices (say in the lounge) need to be able to have a shared library. The HTPC (the main XBMC library) would reside on the HTPC itself, and I was thinking of 1 or 2 things, but I'll take advice please, and I beg for it.

A couple more points I'm not too sure about: Should

1. Use the Raspi as a XBMC "dummy box". That being setup it up in the bedroom (instead of using the Raspi as a USEnet box. My main issue comes that I don't really see the point if I'm trying to get both xbox's to my bedroom, I might as well just send the HTPC signal as well to the LCD in the bedroom. I don't really see the need for the Raspi as a Media Centre then, as I'll have 2 XBMC's running and correct me if I'm wrong, there will no point. I'd use my Logitech Harmony with the projector, (flirc) and then I'd just use me or the girlfriends smartphone or something as the remote. I'm not too stressed as I guess I could always just get a remote blaster, and have a second remote for the bedroom.

2. Should I rather use the Pi then (based on the above point) as my USEnet downloader. I really don't want my HTPC to be on all day (it's my server too, which I don't really need to access all the time). Will the Raspi work as a USEnet downloader which scans my Samba and NFS and Fat32 drives (all in the HTPC) and then commence on its work. I'd like to be able to have the Raspi running, download to a 2TB spare, and then move stuff off that to the HTPC hard drives? Is this a viable solution. As well, Could I in conjunction with this Headphones/Sickbeard/Couchpotato suite use my Raspi at the same time as a way of managing my network using DyDNS etc etc.

3. The best and cheapest solution for the 2xbox/HTPC sharing amongst rooms solution. Wireless HDMI looks awesome, but I don't mind running a 10M cable or investing in a CAT5 HDMI extender.

4. I'm not from the States, so I use Overplay SmartDNS to watch HULU/Netflix but I feel it slows down my internet. This is another consideration why I'd have liked the Pi as a USEnet downloader instead of a Media watcher (The Pi has been in the bedroom as a XBMC watcher thing). I could use OVerplay on the HTPC Linux build and leave a faster DNS for my Raspi downloader. I'm not looking at speeds over 800kpbs so I'm not too stressed. I just want the HTPC / Xboxes to be able to use the SmartDNS if need be. whats the solution? I also want to protect my home network. Can the Pi do all this as once?

I'm not sure, I am trying researching planning and getting it done, but I could use some advice please.

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