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LucasBuck's Avatar LucasBuck 10:08 AM 07-04-2013
Sorry, this is the best forum I could think of for the topic! I got an all in one touch screen for my kitchen to access the internet, but mainly to act as a music player. I can't seem to find any nice look media players that would well with it (Windows 7 btw). Decent size buttons, maybe some backdrops, something. Anyone have any suggestions?

scl23enn4m3's Avatar scl23enn4m3 11:10 AM 07-04-2013
Have you considered upgrading to Windows 8 and using one of the many available apps in the app store? They are all designed for touchscreens.
LucasBuck's Avatar LucasBuck 11:41 AM 07-04-2013
Thanks for the response. I'm not exactly sure if this machine would run 8 very well. Asus ET1611PUT-B008E

Honestly, I haven't really looked into 8 very much.
scl23enn4m3's Avatar scl23enn4m3 02:01 PM 07-04-2013
If it can run W7, in my experience W8 will run even better. But as I'm sure you know, people seem to either love or hate W8.

If you stick with W7, I know Winamp has skins that are touchscreen friendly. I'd suggest heading over to a forum like where people install touchscreens and PCs in the car. They've developed a lot of media playing software for touchscreens.
LucasBuck's Avatar LucasBuck 05:11 PM 07-04-2013
Thanks for the ideas, really appreciated!
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