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kage777's Avatar kage777 02:49 PM 07-21-2013

I was hoping someone might have a good suggestion for me on how to incorporate my center speaker (polk CSiA6) in the living room of the new house I'm renting. The simplest solution seems to be to put in a mantel above the fireplace, but the speaker is 14" deep, so I wasn't sure how that would really look sticking out of the wall that much. The wall that the TV is on is 58" wide. It actually sits back about 2" from the studs on either side of the fireplace. Any other thoughts that would look and sound good? thanks in advanced.

kage777's Avatar kage777 07:03 PM 07-24-2013
Does anyone know how much it would effect the sound if I tried to build a cavity above the fireplace for the speaker?
Sonyad's Avatar Sonyad 09:42 PM 07-24-2013
It all depends on your room. When my center was above my tv, which sat much lower than yours, the sound was tinny. It sounded much better below the tv.

Why don't use a ladder to try the center at different heights to test the sound. At the same time you should probably pull out your L/R speakers so they line up better with the center.
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