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zanlation's Avatar zanlation 10:46 PM 07-25-2013
I have completed upgrading the HT equipment in my open living area. I have the following gear:

42" Sony Bravia LCD TV
Yamaha RX-767 7.1 A/V Receiver (pre-HDMI)
HTPC with Asus Essence ST and H6 card with modified OPAMPS
Front LR Speakers Paradigm Mini Monitors v6
Centre Paradigm CC-290
Rear and Side LR Yamaha IC-800 Speakers (ceiling)
Subwoofer Paradigm DSP-3200

My living area is hardwood Grey-Ironbark floors with no coverings. This is the first limitation - no carpets on the floors (Our two old cats use them to sharpen claws and as a sick bay). I know from reading extensively on audio acoustics that this is a big downer. If its a really big downer I might, I say might, be able to convince the wife and manage the cats (if you have a cat you would have laughed at this comment).

There are windows with heavy curtains to the floors. See the diagram below. On the right side looking from the TV is a long wall with several doors, a cabinet and one large canvas painting. The kitchen is all hard surfaces and pretty difficult to do much about, except about 500mm above the cabinets to the ceiling.

I would love some suggestions on how to improve the rooms acoustics.

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