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Hi guys, long time lurker first time poster

So I've slowly started building up my living room into a nice HT setup. I recently wall mounted my 55inch TV, and am now ready to setup a ceiling mounted projector and electric screen to come down in front of my TV. My Dad is an electrician so he is going to help me with everything and install some powerpoints in roof etc

My lounge room is square, 2.7m ceilings (8.8 feet), room length is around 4.2m (13.7) with seating distance from where the screen will be at about 3.6m (11.8). Width is about 3m (9.8).

I purchased the Benq W1070 projector as it seems to be a decent entry level 3d unit which is also decent for gaming on xbox.

I plugged in the projector and sat it at the back of my couch which is around where eye distance will be (plus a bit as screen won't be right up against the wall) and without any zoom or anything, the picture on the wall was around 110inches. I moved the couch back and forward and got the screen to both 100 inch and 120 inch to compare, and i was the most happy with 110 inch screen size, for all viewing spots on the couches.

Now my first issue is ideal throw distance. Looking at the following 2 projector calculators, i seem to be getting discrepancies.

Projector Central Calculator shows that for a 110 inch 16:9 1.1 screen, i should place the projector 3.2m from the screen (10.4 ft).

However when i go to the BenQ throw ratio calculator, and put in 110 inches and 2.7m ceiling height, it says distance to the screen should be 2.8m (9.18)

When i moved the couch so the projector was 2.8m, the image was very small on the wall and i had to zoom it quite a bit. Am i doing something wrong in one of the calculators? Or will it be different when i ceiling mount the projector? Also, if 3.2m was the ideal distance, it would be almost directly above the prime viewing seat. Am i better off mounting it further to the back of the room behind the couches and then zooming? or is it better to mount somewhere to have little or no zoom? I can probably put it as far back as 4m

As for screens, as this is my first entry into the world of projectors, i don't want to spend too much, but the screen needs to be electric ceiling mounted, and have either a 12v trigger or IR sensor to use with my Logitech Harmony One. I have found a 110inch 19:9 Elite Screens Power Max Pro for around AU $1000 delivered, so i was thinking of going with that? Also, am i better off getting the grey screen or the white one? I do have curtains but there is still some ambient light that gets in during the day. Although having said that the projector will get used most of the time in the evenings and nights

A couple of other questions:

I have a Yamaha 5.1 system so everything goes into the amp and then out from there. Unfortunately the amp only has 1 HDMI out which currently goes to my TV. After doing some research it seems most people reccomend a matrix switcher to be able to switch between TV and Projector? I will never be using both at the same time, i just need to be able to use one or the other, and ideally have it work with my Logitech Harmony One. I found this one here from a local shop, what do you guys think?

It seems most people go with a universal ceiling mount for their projectors. I found this one from a local seller, do you guys think it would be ok with my projector? According to the Benq throw ratio site it only needs to sit 29cm from the ceiling.

Finally, if i order the screen and the switcher and HDMI cables and a ceiling mount, what is the best order to do things? Most guides say to install the projector first and then do the screen, but since i have already placed my projector and seen the screen sizes on the wall etc, can i go ahead and install the electric screen first, and then get the projector and ceiling mount put in in place? The way i see it, the screen is a bit limited in where it can go as it needs to sit in front of the tv, but not too far in front (there is an air conditioning vent about 4feet deep from the wall the TV is mounted), and there is a stud about 1 foot in from the wall that goes along the whole width of the room. So i figured I would install the screen first and then adjust so it sits in the middle of the room, and then once that's done and it's down i could mark where i think the projector ceiling mount should go, then maybe plug it up and 'hold' it around where it would sit below the ceiling and see how close or off it is to the screen before i install the ceiling mount?
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- The throw distance is the same whether you
ceiling mount or have it on a table, so if you
found 3.2m works best, that's the way to go.
Remember the further back you put the PJ, the lower
it will project the image, due to the offset angle
(PJ projects up when on table, and down when ceiling
mounted, because it's upside down). The v. lens shift
on the 1070 is worthless, maybe 30cm at most at that

- Your calculation of 29cm from the ceiling sounds
about right. Make sure the ceiling mount you buy
is adjustable to this height.

- It is usually easier to install PJ first then
screen (ie put the screen exactly where the image is)
but you can install screen first and then you can
precisely position the projector afterwards, may just
need a second person to help...

- I heard grey screens are better with this BenQ
1070 because it is a light cannon, ie ~1300 lumens +.

- Make sure you buy the best HDMI cable you can afford,
the BenQ is finicky with it's HDMI. Test it out BEFORE
you run the wire in the wall!!

- Those matrix switchers can be a pain. No matter what I
do, I can never get both 3D and 7.1 DTS HD MA audio working
perfectly through the damn switcher. It's either/or, or
nothing! Best solution: buy a new dual HDMI out amp, or just
plug/unplug the cable manually smile.gif
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