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Laxguy35's Avatar Laxguy35 11:18 AM 09-14-2013
Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to the projector world but I just recently purchased a Sharp PG-C30XU projector off of eBay for my roommates and I. Well, when it arrived there was a large purple triangle covering the upper right side of the screen. I've attached a picture, and am wondering if anyone knows how to fix this or if I should just try to refund this. If you guys need anything else just let me know, and I appreciate any help already!

Laxguy 35

airscapes's Avatar airscapes 12:15 PM 09-14-2013
Send it back.
coolhand's Avatar coolhand 12:28 PM 09-14-2013
LCD? Looks like a polarizer that is knocked out of alignment. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

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