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Hello there,


This is my first post after coming here to read up on stuff from time to time. Last week I bought my first home cinema set. Nothing special, just a simple 2.1 set from Onkyo (35HDX, only available in Japan right now I believe but it seems to be an updated version of the 22HDX). I live in a small one room apartment so this provides more than enough sound. Especially since the walls in floors here in Japan are rather thin.


However I think I might have a audio sync problem. I cannot put my finger on it, and it's not very obvious but I feel it's just a little bit off.


LG 42LM6600
Onkyo 35HDX
Western digital media player


My pc is connected to the tv and then uses ARC to connect to the Onkyo. Audio seems to run in sync as far as I can tell. The reason I have my pc connected to the tv instead of the Onkyo is because I don't want to switch between game and cinema mode all the time (pc is for games, media player for movies and series).


However with the media player there seems to be a slight bit of lag. I tried connecting the media player using ARC, to the HDMI out on the Onkyo and by using a optical cable from the media player to the Onkyo. Also tried the lip sync on both the Onkyo and TV (but on, both off, and any combination in between). I kinda want/need to connect the media player to the Onkyo as my tv only passes dolby digital.

Maybe I'm just crazy and imagening things but I feel the audio is slightly off. But it's not off enough to be very obvious (thats why I'm not a 100% sure there even is a audio sync problem ><). I tried a bunch of audio sync videos but they don't really help. Especially the bar ones make it very hard to see if audio is in sync or not. I even tried with a 500ms delay using the media player but audio sync seemed to be the same as before... Yeah, I must be crazy.

Anyway the BBC circle thingy seems to make it easier to spot... expect I think audio is synced properly when I watch that one... but when I watch movies/series I feel it's just slightly off. Maybe I'm just focusing too much on it now that I think audio is slightly off.


I wanted to try by having both the tv and onkyo speakers on at the same time but I cannot figure out how to get that working. I managed to do it by accident when I was setting the system up though.


Long story short:

1. What is the best way (in general) to connect everything?

2. What would be the best way to connect everything to eliminate any chance of audio sync issues?

3. What audio sync settings should I use? (off on the tv, on on the Onkyo etc)

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A few thoughts:

I've had issues with non-PC devices (TVs, DVD players) losing audio sync while playing media files, when my PC would be able to play the same files with no problems. So your first job is to figure out if the WD media player has audio sync issues if you just connect it to the TV and listen through its speakers (disconnect the Onkyo).

On the broader setup: In my opinion the best way to connect everything is through the Onkyo, then to the TV. Let the Onkyo handle the decoding, and you'll only need one cable to the TV. That's probably the least likely to produce audio delay too. If you're not connecting everything through the Onkyo because it's a hassle to switch sound modes, I recommend going without them for a while. Just set the Onkyo to standard or whatever and forget about it. Sound editors carefully craft the soundtracks and effects in games and shows/movies, so why would you let some machine add reverb or change the response curve? And how do the Onkyo engineers know how an RPG should sound as opposed to a sports game? To me it's all just BS and a big hassle.

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