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jaycle's Avatar jaycle 12:37 PM 11-10-2013

Here is what I have: a Dish Hopper DVR receiver with a HDMI port, a Blu-Ray player with a HDMI port, a set of good surround sound speakers, a plasma TV with 2 HDMI ports, a Macbook air , and a new Ipod touch.


What I want to do is to use those speakers to play my music on the Ipod wirelessly and when watching DVD movies.


I thought of buying an Appletv and a 4-way HDMI switch for the TV, but it seems silly to have the TV on all the time just to play music on the Ipod. I could buy an Airplay express and plug the speakers into it, but how would I use those same speakers when watching a DVD? How would it link up with the AppleTV?


I guess I could buy an A/V receiver that supports Apple wireless audio streaming, but I didn't want to spend $300.


Any other suggestions? Thanks.

fierce_gt's Avatar fierce_gt 02:40 PM 11-10-2013
personally, I wouldn't think of doing anything without an avr. it's designed for one purpose, and that's exactly what you're looking for. a way to connect all your devices together.

I don't even understand how you'd power your speakers without an avr?
gec5741's Avatar gec5741 10:03 AM 11-11-2013
Yea you would need a reciever to power the speakers but like fierce_gt mentioned your AVR would allow you to connect all your devices together. Most now even come with network options so you'd be able to use your ipod, ipad, iphone what ever to play your music and stuff.
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