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koturban's Avatar koturban 03:59 AM 12-03-2013
I'm looking for a no frills rack to relocate my equipment from my family room to my basement.

It doesn't require any fancy sliders or pivots, but I would like to be able to wall mount it such that front and back are free.

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TempestGuy's Avatar TempestGuy 04:13 AM 12-03-2013

I don't have a specific recommendation for you, but here are a couple of sources as a place to start:|1230

Neurorad's Avatar Neurorad 09:09 AM 12-03-2013
Most 'in-wall' racks sit on a stand or the floor, or have casters. Wall mount racks are mounted to a sturdy wall, and swing open to access the rear.

I would suggest an old used cheap server cabinet on casters, next to a wall. Check craigslist and university surplus. Local eBay search may also be fruitful (i.e. within 100 miles of your zip code).

You can upgrade at any time, and learn a ton about racks in the interim, e.g. what size rack you really need, how shelves and rack ears work, how to mount stuff that doesn't need a rack.
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