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outlanderbz's Avatar outlanderbz 11:16 AM 01-20-2014
I can't decide how I want to finish my basement, it is currently wide open and unfinished. Part of me wants a wide open floor plan and part of me would like a more closed in media area. It got me thinking that I should post in these forums and get opinions from people who have probably gone through the same pain/fun as me. The immediate goal is to have an area where I can play xbox and watch movies, this "area" was also financially approved by the wife. The budget for the entire basement is still in discussion. This adds another challenge as I can build a room for my current need now then expand later.

It is my wife, a 17 month old boy and another boy on the way. The main family room upstairs is open floor plan and is used for watching TV but I currently own this equipment which is on an area rug in an unfinished basement right now.

Display: Panasonic Viera TC-P60ST50
AVR: Denon X4000
DVR: Directv genie
Blu-Ray: Panasonic DMP-BDT500
Video Game: Xbox One
Speakers : 5.1 Def Tech system

Basement "needs" are a movie/xbox area for 2 adults and 2 kids, a desk for a gaming PC, guest bedroom, bathroom and plenty of storage. A bar and open area for game table or party table is a plus. Probably will not get a pool table but put a big table for the wife's crafts and/or kids art projects.

challenges are stair location, sump pump, ejector pit, furnace, electrical panel and locations of the window. It is a lookout basement with 7'6" clearance with a few poles and beams at 6'9".

We do not entertain a lot. Maybe 2-3 parties a year for birthdays. Our main level is an open concept.

Here are 2 quick layouts I came up with using floor planner. I would be curious of people's opinions. thank you for your time!

BasementHT5's Avatar BasementHT5 01:43 PM 01-20-2014
Do you have an egress window in the basement? If you want a bedroom down there, most codes (if not all) require an egress window to escape in the event of fire.

As far as a dedicated home theater vs open media/game rooms, I guess it depends on setup and preferences. With your 2 layouts, both of your theater setups use the stairwell wall as one of your walls. According to soundproofing corp, this is a huge sound loss area (sounds easily travels up and down through stairwells). So, you'll have an issue with sound in either setup. But for the open media area, that won't be as problematic since you're spreading the sound around the whole open space anyway vs a dedicated that wants the "equarium" sound setup.

Also, I would think a dedicated home theater wouldn't be as practical for your application (I'm in the same boat). Many xbox games and features require you to be in front of the TV. if you had a screen setup, the last thing you want is for people to be standing in front of the screen. Also, a PJ setup wants almost total darkness, which isn't always conducive to playing games or watching something with small children. That's why I opted for a large LCD TV and a non-dedicated open space.

Looks like either layout would be great though and I guess you can always add a wall later to the open plan to make it dedicated.

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outlanderbz's Avatar outlanderbz 02:42 PM 01-20-2014
Thanks for you input. Yes, the true egress window is near the furnace but the other windows are just as low and may be considered egress. Not sure. I would have to check. I think I am more on the large LCD screen side of things because of what you said. It will be more of a multipurpose area than a dedicated theater. Since it is a clean slate I could always move the entire thing around. I just can't see a better way to lay it out. and no, no lions.. lol
BasementHT5's Avatar BasementHT5 02:26 PM 01-23-2014

I'm in the process of building an open finished basement w/ bar, kitchen, full bathroom, play area and media area.  It'll have a sports theme feel to it.  Process is slow as it was a 1970s finished basement, so I've been demo'ing, re-using what I can, rebuilding, and adding new stuff.


So far the bathroom is complete and the kitchen area has the walls, ceiling, lights, and floors done w/ a stove and fridge.  I'm waiting on the cabinets so I can tie those in with the bar.'s Detroit sports themed.  :)

Tedd's Avatar Tedd 08:12 PM 01-24-2014
Think outside the box?

Why not build a custom bed over the sump pump? Expand the bedroom and flip the bath room lines 180 degrees and
push the bath room into the storage area.

I gather that there is something in front of the media wall that need access, so why not an acoustically transparent screen
and the speaker sin behind, with access? Stick a three seat bar in back of the seating so six can take in the big screen.

X.jpg 77k .jpg file

I had the open concept basement before and it was the Mrs who pushed for dedicated. I enjoy the lower noise floor,
and not having the Mrs constantly asking me to turn the volume down.
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