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drjay71's Avatar drjay71 09:17 PM 04-01-2014
Hi there.

I have a dedicated home theater room that measures 19' long x 14'4" wide. There are double doors along the rear left hand side of the room from which you enter. Each door is about 2' wide and the doors open into the room. The screen will be along the 14'4" wide far wall. I would like to sit at least 6 people but not sure if I should go with theater seats or a sofa with 2 love seats, or a sectional.

The screen will be 110" diagonal 16:9 and the projector will be 15' away from the screen.

Ideally, I would like a set up which is conducive to conversations and being able to face one another just like a living room, however, when it's movie time, I would like for everyone to be able to turn towards the screen without injuring their necks. I know I may be asking for too much. I would also really like for the layout to be symmetric and balance. The doors opening into the room seem to jeopardize this wish. My builder tells me that to change the swing of the doors would require getting new doors.

Here are some ideas I had. I know I am missing something here so I would really like to hear your opinions!


sdurani's Avatar sdurani 01:55 AM 04-02-2014
I would do the front row with a large 4-person couch and the back row with a love seat. Front row should be the main listening position with back row as overflow seating. But that's me. Do you prefer a more informal looking room with couches or a more home theatre looking room with theatre seats?
drjay71's Avatar drjay71 05:17 AM 04-02-2014
Thanks for your reply. I don't mind couches/loveseats or theater seats. I like your idea. It would be nice to have a layout which can be informal and conversational but also then be able to transform into a more theater like layout during movie time. Maybe I am asking for too much. Your input is appreciated!
sdurani's Avatar sdurani 09:31 AM 04-02-2014
Whichever type of seating you end up with, you would do yourself a favor by putting the main row at one of the 1/3rd divisions of room length (e.g., 12'8" from the front wall). That's where frequency response variations are minimal, giving you smoother sound (fewer/smaller peaks & dips).
Scout's staff's Avatar Scout's staff 04:39 PM 04-05-2014
You would lose some seating, but have you thought of swivel captains chairs for the front row? Although if the room is set up for just movies, I don't think you will do much mingling. Do you also have a game/bar room?
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