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USSValor's Avatar USSValor 01:10 PM 04-07-2014
I just bought a Murphy (wall) Bed for my small studio (efficiency) in Fort Lauderdale. I am including pictures here:

I am buying the same exact model bed as the one above, but without the lights installed on the bottom of the sofit leg. I am ordering the bed with a sofit leg because it more support (weight) than a pullover leg and I can pull the bed down without handles. As shown in the picture, the sofit leg is mounted on the face of the bed panel. The bed is currently being built and it's set to arrive in 3 weeks. I am about to buy a plasma TV to mount on the face of the bed panel (below the sofit leg) but the salesperson who sold me the bed says he doesn't recommend it.

Is anyone out there as crazy as me and wants to mount (or has mounted) their TV to their Murphy bed? It's an incredibly strong and sturdy piece of furniture (authentic Murphy, not a cheap/generic wall bed) and I think it could support the weight of a 40-pound 50" plasma.

The other option is to install a screen to the bottom of the sofit leg, which means that I'd also have to install a projector somewhere in my already-cramped room. I cannot mount it on the ceiling because there is a fan.

Waterboy77's Avatar Waterboy77 01:45 PM 04-07-2014
Did the salesman say why he didn't recommend it? Maybe it was a weight balance issue
You would have to look very closely at the mount connections as they are designed for downward force.
Or look for one that allows you to quickly remove the TV before lowering the bed.
airscapes's Avatar airscapes 03:35 PM 04-07-2014
Do a search for Murphy Bed, someone else already did this a couple of years ago..
MrBlond's Avatar MrBlond 08:15 PM 04-07-2014
Apparently if you lay a plasma face-down, the glass can break.
USSValor's Avatar USSValor 11:19 PM 04-07-2014
Oh? Even if it doesn't touch anything?
airscapes's Avatar airscapes 06:54 AM 04-08-2014
Here is the one I was referring to.
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