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lucky1976 07-09-2014 07:20 PM

TV Wall Mount Installation
I have someone come to my new house today because I am looking for someone with experience to mount 3 TVs thru out the house and run the cables behind the walls.

He said the were pretty straight forward install as all outlet lined up.

I bought a Monoprice mount for the 65in Vizio 2014 M Series TV I want to buy but he wasn't impressed with monoprice and suggested I use Sanus.

He said Sanus is better quality and if the TV every went off angle they are easy to adjust compared to the Monoprice.

He also state he wanted to use the HDMI, Optical cables etc because they "meet code" when running them behind drywall.

So I have a 65 in Vizio with his suggested Sanus mount, 32 in Vizio in my wives office with a oscillating wall mount and in the kids basement TV room I am going to may hime mount my 42 in tv with the Monoprice mount.

He gave me a price for the 2 wall mounts, cables and services and it was a lot more they I expected.

I am not sure its ok to talk about prices on the forum but if anyone wants to message he to give me an idea the pricing for a job like this costs I would appreciate it.

weaselfest 07-10-2014 04:25 AM

Going rate for AV work in my part of the country is usually $75/hr. Figure 2 hours to mount each display ( which could be pretty efficient, all depending on how easily the wall fishing goes). Cables meeting code has more to do with what materials the cables are made of, not brand. If the cable has a CL rated outer jacket, you're good. Most installers will only uses materials they provide, so it isn't surprising there is some push back on using parts they aren't familiar with. The issue of monoprice mounts not having a lot of features that allow for fine tuning the positioning of the display after the mount is bolted to the wall is a valid one, but it just requires a little more finesse in installing, which could add to the billable time spent on the job.

jayn_j 07-10-2014 08:49 AM

A lot of this depends on your local building codes, so YMMV.

Low voltage wiring is generally not an issue in wall, and most commercial cabling is compliant.

Sanus offers incentives to installers, so there is a significant markup on those products. The installer is likely steering you away from the Monoprice product for that reason. He can't make any money selling you something you already own. There are many satisfied Monoprice owners here.

Not sure of your configuration. If it is a newer TV feeding into a newer AV receiver, the system likely has the Audio Return Channel (ARC) built into the HDMI cable. In that case, there is no need for an optical cable. Everything can and should be done with power.

Here is what I think you actually need:
1. Level and mount the monoprice mounts on the wall (45 minutes labor)
2. run a power cable (romex) from the lower outlet into a new power outlet behind the TV ($10 parts, 1 hour labor)
3. install 2 low voltage cover plates and fish the HDMI cable. I would use the ones that look like brushes for convenience. ($15 parts, 45 minutes labor)
4. Mount TV and make connections (30 minutes labor)
Total is $25 in new parts from Home Depot, and about 3 hours labor. The labor estimate is generous. Every installer will charge a premium for the parts, so figure $50. Job should not cost more than $250/TV.

This is something you can do yourself or have a handy relative do for you. Not rocket science (although I am an aerospace engineer)

NickTheGreat 07-10-2014 09:55 AM

Monoprice mounts are fine. But he doesn't sell those. So . . . :rolleyes:

Where are you running these wires to? Across the house, or just up the wall? Because if you can use a screwdriver and a knife, this is all work you could do yourself :)

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