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Wiring basement with ethernet

So Ive been off the forums for a while. Basement has been at a stand still since the snow melted. Im thinking about starting to do a little work down there in the near future and have a couple questions.

The whole basement is framed and all the electrical is ran. Im pretty much to the point of hanging drywall. Ive ran all the components and everything I need to run. I have conduit ran to 3 seperate locations with hdmi and cat5e along with speaker wire etc..

My house was built new about a year ago. They ran cat5e to all the rooms upstairs, but have it hooked up as a phone connection. We have no landline and never will. There are 4 different runs upstairs that all come down by the main hookup in the back of my basement.

My goal is to have those all be hooked up as hardwired internet runs along with several more in my basement. I am going to have a AV closet in my basement. Its in a central location, which is about 25 ft from where the upstairs cat5e is coming down.

How do i get the cat5e from upstairs to hook up to a router that is 25 ft away so I can just have my modem and router sitting in my av closet in the basement powering the whole house? I already have a 500 ft spool if cat5e. What else will I need? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Not sure I'm completely following, but it sounds like you need a network switch. You'll run a wire between your router and your switch, then connect runs that don't fit in the router to the switch. The router will assign IP addresses and router traffic. The switch essentially gives you more ports on the router (for this purpose).

Good luck JRueter. Keep us updated.

I'm confused too.

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I snapped a few pictures. Idk if this will help...

The first picture is where the cat from upstairs runs down into the basement. I bought a switch months ago when i started this project. Im not sure if i was on the right track or not. I replaced the setup they had making it a phone connection to this. I can easily remove this if it is not right. I now need to connect these cat about 25 ft away to my av closet where my router and modem will be.

Picture 2 is a view from picture 1 looking to where the av closet will be under my stairs.

Picture 3 is just a closer view of the av area ( sorry its so dark)

Picture 4 is just a view from av area to general area of the basement that i still need to run my remaining cat5e.

So I need to connect the stuff from upstairs thats over by the breaker box, to my av setup. Do i just run cat5e from that switch, to another switch under my stairs, the cat5e from the switch under the stairs into a router. Then just running from that same router the remaining cat to the rest of the basement?

Hope this makes sense. Not as easy to explain as i thought it would be
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I think your on the right track if what I'm looking at is what I think it is. It looks like from your first picture you had installed a patch panel and terminated the existing cat5e lines that come from the upstairs to the patch panel ports? If that is the case then your good to go. All you would need to do then is run however long of patch cables (cat5e or 6) from the patch panel to your switch that will live in your av rack. Now keep in mind you will need to make this swtich live. Where does your current internet proviers modem live in your house? If it is in a room near one of your existing cat5 runs then you can leave it in place. patch the modem into one of the existing wall ports and use that as your main line. Then when that's patched into your downstairs switch that would make that live. You could also get everything living in your av rack in the basement but you would need to then somehow get your modem there as well. Personally I have something similar to you and just have my modem and wifi router live on my first floor office. Then that routs back down into my basement MDF.

EDIT: Just re read your post. You did state that your router and model will live in your av rack so you should be good by patching lines from that patch panel to the switch in your av rack. But just take note that what you have there mounted to that board is not a network switch. That is just a patch panel. The panel does not do any routing or IP distrabution. It is simply a patch panel. Also I recommend labling your ports and cables to go along with the ports upstairs. so months from now you know what is what so if you have an issue and need to trouble shoot it will be much easier if things are labled.

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I'll second gec's comments... You're on the right track. Generally and for obvious reasons you want the switch located as close to were the CAT5e drops from the upstairs terminate. That looks to be in the patch panel next to your mains panel. That location is where your network switch should go. However, I wouldn't put it that close to the mains panel. Reroute the drops over a couple of feet from the mains to a small shelf if you can that has access to AC power. From the switch run a single CAT5e to your router in your AV closet, or wherever the router and cable modem will be located. And, while you're running cables....

Personally, I would locate the router somewhere on the first floor in a central location - since I'm assuming it will be wireless. You should have easy access to any first-floor room/wall from the basement, which makes running cables soooooo much easier! Even though most things will use wired drops to the internet, I'm sure you have other notebooks, tablets and smartphones that will use wireless. Right? The cable modem can still remain in the basement (AV closet). Having your wireless router on the first floor gives much better coverage (and even distribution) to both the 1st floor and 2nd. Sadly, many people put routers where they are not seen and in so doing limit their effective coverage area. Routers should be up high and out in the open so that the signal doesn't have to go thru too many walls and floors. On top of a refrigerator or bookcase. Not readily visible, but it often does not meet the WAF. You have to think creatively.

Good luck. I've got some before and after pics coming really soon to an AVS thread near you. I'm still putting the finishing touches on my new basement/office media room space.


ps. As gec said, label the cables you run! You won't regret it.

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