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Nethawk's Avatar Nethawk 10:47 PM 03-16-2000

Having just received my SD5109, I of course want the best out of it.

My A/V receiver is a Sony STR-DE935, not too shabby for a cheaper HT receiver (IMHO), but I wonder if it's better to use 5.1 decoding from the Toshiba DVD player, and connect through the analog 5.1 jacks to my receiver rather than digital Toslink connection. I have to use the digital connection for DTS anyway, and the sound is certainly great for both formats with the Toslink cable, but wonder if I will benefit more from 5.1 using analog connections (and buying lots more audio interconnect cables).

Thanks much.


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tredshift's Avatar tredshift 05:30 PM 03-17-2000
I would go with the digital out from the DVD rather than analog. By the way, if you can, you should compare a coax digital cable to the toslink. Generally, the coax is better.
FrankS's Avatar FrankS 01:30 AM 03-18-2000
Definetly use the decoder built into the receiver, they are almost always better then the ones included in DVD players. As far as the digital cables go, they are exactly the same quality audio but they both have very small things that can effect quality but almost never will occur. The Toslink can become unusable if you crimp it but you have to really crimp it to have this problem. The digital coaxial cable can be effected by outside RF interference but if you are using quality cables and don't have the cable running past all kinds of electrical cable this seldom happen. Again both types of cables are absolutly identical in audio quality so go with whatever you prefer.
Nethawk's Avatar Nethawk 09:37 AM 03-18-2000
Thanks for the replies. Since I didn't have the audio interconnects to use the 5.1 output/input, I hooked them up using Acoustic Research optical audio cables, and the sound is great.

Having run plenty of fiber way back when I had to deal with Layer 1 in the world of networking, I bought the shortest optical cables available to eliminate the possibility of interference or crimping.

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Dennis Erskine's Avatar Dennis Erskine 03:56 PM 03-18-2000
There should be little, if any, difference between the "decoding" in a DVD-Player and your surround processor (Meridian excepted). Basically, the decoding software used everywhere comes from one of two primary sources (the chip manufacturer). None-the-less, your A/V receiver or surround processor is very likely providing post-processing, more acurately, "post-decoding" processing to provide "sonic" improvements.

BTW, all DVD players have DD decoding internal to the player (that's how they get the L/R stereo output). Not all DVD players have 5.1 channel analog outputs.

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