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Watched Godzilla (2014)
3/5 (amazon 3.8/5, imdb 6.8/10, rotten tomatoes 69/73%, Decent Films: C, AVS Ralph Potts: 3.5/5)
Budget $160 million.
Gross $200 million USA.
I kind of liked it. I miss the French from the Mathew Broderick version, but the 2014 Godzilla is better.
The 2014 Godzilla changes the primary plot, moving the monsters back a million years or so rather than created by the Bikini testing -- which is odd, and kind of misses the primary point of the tale.
That people are ants no more annoying than flees seemed an important plot point, and yet there's a moment that Godzilla King Of the Monsters and Protector And Balancer Of Nature looks at one man perhaps with approval.
The director wanted to introduce the monsters slowly so you see bits here and there, rather than the entire monster, until the end -- and even then most of this film is shot at night so unless you've got a very bright screen they're hard to see.
Trying to make the two new monsters look like stealth fighters with legs, was a bit off -- but better than 1998 Godzilla.
David Strathairn is a very good actor, but doesn't pull of the Admiral role.
Bryan Cranston should have been alive longer.
Ken Watanabe's role is odd, but his assistant played by Sally Hawkins was bang on.
The HALO I thought was good, even if all CGI. The sets were nicely done.
The Cranston and Binoche scene with the closing door was also well done.
Brian Reaves said it best: Finally! A Godzilla movie without Godzilla!, May 28, 2014 By Brian Reaves
Godzilla Appearances:
Godzilla's scales in the ocean at 00:55 for 5 seconds
Godzilla full appearance and classic roar at 00:59 for 10 seconds
Godzilla's scales again back in the ocean at 1:01 for 4 seconds
Godzilla's tail on submarine camera at 1:19 for 3 seconds
Godzilla appears from the water and near bridge at 1:24 total scene 3 minutes and not all Godzilla
Godzilla stands up and is attacked by the smaller monster at 1:33 for 5 seconds
Godzilla standing and roar at 1:38 for the face off with the other creature for 10 seconds
Godzilla fighting 1:40 for 1 minute
Godzilla getting beat up at 1:42 for 5 seconds
Godzilla breath (finally) at 1:44 for 5 seconds. Breath is pretty weak by other movie standards but better than the Mathew Broderick movie which was just plain regular fire.
Godzilla fighting at 1:45 takes out smaller monster for 5 seconds. Don't know how, too dark to see
Godzilla sneaks up on bigger monster, grabs it by the neck and breaths down its throat taking it out and then passes out at 1:49 for 1 minute
Godzilla laying on the ground appearing dead at 1:52 for 5 seconds
Godzilla wakes back up at 1:53 for 3 seconds
Godzilla's job is done. He lets out a mighty roar and heads back out to sea at 1:55 for 1 minute.
Total movie: 2:03
Total Godzilla: 7 minutes (roughly)

An amateur built the Ark. Titanic was built by professionals. Of course Noah took a little advice.

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Great post Bob!

Bests, ~ Robert ยง (Bob)

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Heaven is for real and God's Not Dead - Netflix DVD - Both movies have a very positive and uplifting message and are fantastic family movies. Refreshing to be able to watch a movie without violence and curse words every other word. I wish more movies would come out with positive content and an uplifting message. Well worth a watch.

3 Days to Kill - Netflix on demand - Well I really did not know what to expect with the movie and can't say I was too impressed. The plot, character development, and pacing were all over the place and the movie just did not jell with me. Glad I did not waste a DVD rental with this one. 2.5/5



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Enjoying my "almost done" theater.
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We watched The Amazing Spiderman 2. I still don't know why they rebooted it, and I don't like the little twerp who plays Peter Parker.

But it wasn't too bad a movie. I noticed some scientific inaccuracies, but you'll have that with superhero movies



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Watched Godzilla last night, Bob's take is pretty much mine... 2D version.

Mom's Night Out - : 5.4/10 IMDb My take 8 /10
Fun clean movie suitable for family... Trace Adkins makes a good biker.

Divergent - 6.9/10 IMDb My take 7/10
Having not seen the Hunger Games movies, not influenced by those references... good popcorn movie set in a post apocalyptic future where the residents of Chicago are separated into 4 factions..

The Fault in the Stars - 8.2/10 IMDb My take 8/10
Sad movie with the same actress from Divergent & the actor who played Her Brother as cancer patients who meet at a support group.

Watched all of the above on a 50" plasma at a friends house so can't comment on the AQ...
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