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kevinp8192's Avatar kevinp8192 01:25 AM 09-09-2004
Still willing to give movies in HD too much of a chance just because, well, they're in HD, I watched "Cupid" on INHD. It's a Zach Galligan "thriller," and gosh but it was a bad movie.

Brief synopsis: Looney but functioning psychopath Zach and his also looney sister played by Mary Crosby (the big talent from "Dallas" that everyone's been clamoring to catch up with), had an incestuous relationship, but Zach (who believes in fate and the real mythological Cupid) is falling for someone else, played by none other than Hellraiser's Ashley Laurence. Lots of muderous meyhem of extremely stupid people ensues. And with the incest subplot it's all really trashy too. If V.C. Andrews were to write a T.V. movie for Lifetime Television for Women, this is what might result. Best avoided.

You gotta wonder if sometimes between takes in movies like this if actors kind of look at each other and smile and say "man, this is gonna be a really sh***y movie."

penticton102's Avatar penticton102 09:56 AM 09-10-2004
biggest waste of money on a dvd rental of the year "the punisher" really weak story, lots of gratuitous violence, a real stinker IMHO.............
TTA89's Avatar TTA89 08:37 PM 09-10-2004
Great Thread! I'm gonna go read the other 54 pages on Monday at work

I just rented Hidalgo. I LOVED it! 5/5 I am buying it tomorrow. Way Way Way WAY better than Seabiscut!!

My neighbor came over last Sunday and picked out Poltergiest from my collection. I hadn't seen it in a long time and its a classic so I said sure. 1/2 way through I find out she has never seen it!!! WHAT!!!

She jumped off the couch a few times (Thanks HSU) and the Bass Shakers are still in the mail.

She really liked it so we put in Poltergiest II

I think those are my fav horror flicks.

Also watched The Pats send Manning home in HD last night. Excellent as always. Go Pats!

P.S. Redsox will NEVER win EVER. I'm tired of never finding places to park at Boston Billards on game nights. Lose already
Best Buy Guy's Avatar Best Buy Guy 09:30 PM 09-10-2004
I saw the transporter last night and I didnt like it at all. I Stopped about an hour into it. I don't mine the mindless overblown action flick, but this one didn't do anything for me. The car chase at the beginning but me in a bad mood right off the bat. Nothing worse then a lame, unrealistic car chase. On that note, anyone have any recommendations for good car chase scenes? The bourne supremecy had a wonderful one.
Gus's Avatar Gus 10:40 PM 09-10-2004

Originally posted by TTA89
Great Thread! I'm gonna go read the other 54 pages on Monday at work

Welcome to the best thread in the forum, neighbor!


I just rented Hidalgo. I LOVED it! 5/5 I am buying it tomorrow. Way Way Way WAY better than Seabiscut!!

I liked it very much too, but I liked Seabiscuit just as well.


Also watched The Pats send Manning home in HD last night. Excellent as always. Go Pats!

Yes, this was a pretty awesome start for The Pats. Mr. Brady is the #1 QB on Planet earth. Period.

P.S. Redsox will NEVER win EVER. I'm tired of never finding places to park at Boston Billards on game nights. Lose already

Oh, come now! Where's your N.E. spirit? A man can't live on Pats alone!
By the way, I saw The Orioles pound The Yanks earlier tonight, and a few minutes ago I saw Mr. Ramirez belt out a two out grand slam. He hit it so hard it may never come down!

Sorry Captn, I promised I wouldn't ramble about My Red Sox on this thread, but it's hard to resist

brickie's Avatar brickie 11:00 PM 09-10-2004
Eight Legged Freaks tonite..I thought it was decent and funny,wife hated it..Go figure.

CptnRandy's Avatar CptnRandy 07:43 AM 09-11-2004
Last night, Die Hard. Great flick, and the breakout role for Willis, but Alan Rickman makes the movie!

Daniel Bishop's Avatar Daniel Bishop 05:26 PM 09-11-2004
Last night we watched:

Jersey Girl - I'm a sucker for a movie with a cute kid

The Scout - Okay Hokey movie but I liked it!

Twisted - Any movie with Ashley Judd is a hit with me!
Daniel Bishop's Avatar Daniel Bishop 05:28 PM 09-11-2004
Today we watched:

O Brother Where A'rt Thou - I'm a fan of the "Soggy Bottom Boys"

Laws of Attraction - Julianne Moore & Pierce Brosnan... good chemistry
jeeper's Avatar jeeper 07:59 AM 09-13-2004
Fiday Night the wife had a party to go to (candles or scrapbook or something along those lines), so kids and I watched The Goonies and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

penticton102's Avatar penticton102 10:57 AM 09-13-2004
football, football, and when the missus thought the games were over more football! ran screaming away from the house!gotta love it! CFL,NFL had some fantastic tilts on this weekend...................
brickie's Avatar brickie 02:21 PM 09-13-2004
Well,it was kids weekend..Last night we viewed Kangaroo Jack..Not as bad as the critics made it out to be..Had some funny moments,and kids liked it..

Daniel Bishop's Avatar Daniel Bishop 04:58 PM 09-13-2004
Last night I watched "Score"

Good movie...suspense, action, plot twists, what more can you ask on a Sunday night!

Gus's Avatar Gus 06:28 PM 09-13-2004
Well, we didn't get to watch Twisted this week end. I wound up watching boxing on HBO on Saturday. Sunday I just went to bed early after doing lots of yard work.

Then today we were getting ready to watch it and the wife had to rush out to the hospital. Her sister-in-law was due to have a baby and something went wrong. All we know is she was to have an emergency c-section. No cellphones in the hospital and the switchboard wont tell about a patient's condition.

dwightrahl's Avatar dwightrahl 07:24 AM 09-14-2004

I hope everything went well. My first child was born via emergency c-section, and my second child came 7 weeks early, so I fully understand the stress that such matters can create.

The good news is that the state of medical expertiese in such matters these days is excellent - neither one of my kids ended up with any problems as a result of their "non-standard" entry into the world...

Good luck,

TTA89's Avatar TTA89 10:00 AM 09-14-2004
Some friends came over Sunday night, ended up watching Revenge of the Nerds.

What a great movie
dedwards's Avatar dedwards 10:16 AM 09-14-2004
Football, football , football.

Oh, and Peter Gabriel - Growing Up Live

Toxarch's Avatar Toxarch 10:18 AM 09-14-2004
Watched Lady Killers starring Tom Hanks yesterday. I got bored and fell asleep through the middle. Too much talk and not enough action. My brother had read the book and enjoyed the movie so I tried it out.
brickie's Avatar brickie 01:07 PM 09-14-2004
MNf in HD!!! awesome picture quality..Hey who won the game.LOL

Brown Radagast's Avatar Brown Radagast 02:52 PM 09-14-2004
For my daughter, watched "Ella Enchanted" and "Ice Age" over the weekend.

Forgot how decent the PQ was in Ice Age!

Ella Enchanted: My wife's brother bet us that we wouldn't be able to go through the whole movie without singing/humming one of the tunes from the 70s/80s that were throughout the movie - he won!

I was shocked when my daughter picked out the FS version of the Ella movie though, but I held it in - didn't want to give her a complex!

brickie's Avatar brickie 03:02 PM 09-14-2004
The audacity of her..LOL

Gus's Avatar Gus 04:13 PM 09-14-2004
I think everything turned out ok with the baby. Tonight I have a couple of guys coming over to watch Pedro pitch in HD. Should be good.

TTA89's Avatar TTA89 08:51 PM 09-14-2004
Did the Redsox Lose?

I look forward to parking on Beacon street and walk 6-7 blocks next Monday because of the game.

I saw the first inning on INHD and them remembered I hate baseball.

Watched the The Butterfly effect at a neighbors house tonight. Sony Wega 32inch TV. Needs some serious calibration... People think LCD has black crush? I almost paused it and asked for the TV remote. lol
Markito's Avatar Markito 08:15 AM 09-15-2004
For those who missed out on watching "twisted", don't bother.
So stupid and pointless! We made fun of it throughout the whole movie (luckily we were in our own HT, so we can do such things).

And "Peter Gabriel - Growing Up Live", what an amzing show! It is shot with something like 30 HD cameras, shows what's going on below the stage as well as above, Mr. Gabriel has many very cool props, including a huge inflatable ball that he rolls around the round stage in while singing (think hamster wheel) and the sound is fantastic! It looks and sounds so good, I keep it stord on my HD DVR to show people when they are in my theater.
I highly recommend it to everybody. Good call dedwards.
penticton102's Avatar penticton102 08:59 AM 09-15-2004
the beer was flowing pretty good watching canada win the world cup of hockey with some buds, was to blasted to take in the new denzil washinton flick after the game so we,ll check that out tonight.............
Toxarch's Avatar Toxarch 11:51 AM 09-15-2004
We watched Man on Fire last night. Pretty cool flick. I enjoyed the movie and thought Denzel did a good job. I also thought it was interesting that they made a movie about kidnapping in Latin America and then at the end they thank Mexico City. Like that movie will promote tourism there.
Markito's Avatar Markito 01:35 PM 09-15-2004
David_Larkins's Avatar David_Larkins 05:27 AM 09-16-2004
Watched 'Fight Club' again last night... man, what a twisted and wonderful movie.
penticton102's Avatar penticton102 08:43 AM 09-16-2004
another vote for man on fire(denzel washinton) exellent show............
trnst7's Avatar trnst7 09:39 AM 09-16-2004
I've been picking away at ALF: Season 1. It's such a classic series. I still laugh outloud at it. The acting is pretty bad but Alf's character cracks me up.

Also continuing to watch the Red Sox March towards the post season. BIG weekend series this week. SWEEPING YANKEES!!!!!
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