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ginmtb's Avatar ginmtb 03:41 PM 08-29-2006
Alrighty, I've been lurking here for a long time - the wife finally gave into my wishes of setting up a semi-home theater at the house. We have a living room that gets virtually no use. So I'd like to convert this into the home theater. I don't have a huge budget, but will be able to do this myself so that will save me some dough. Keep in mind it isn't going to be a THX certified theater... :)

It definitely isn't the ideal room for one, but that's what I've got to work with. Here is what I mocked up:


(sorry for the convoluted url - wouldn't allow me to post it otherwise)

Vaulted ceilings, crawl space below, carpeted floor. There are several arches as noted on the diagram. They have recessed lighting in them.

One of the conditions is like what many have gone through on this list - AESTHETICS. So I'm thinking of doing some in-wall speakers for the fronts although that's not 100% in stone. The rears will likely have to be placed high, up on the arches pointing down and in. Again, not ideal, but that's what I've got. Speaker recommendations would be appreciated. Again, trying to keep costs reasonable, so looking for some decent speakers but don't need audiophile level stuff.

I'm thinking of going with the Panasonic PT-AE900U projector. The screen would be an electric version that will drop down over the window (plantation shutter covers the window). And since I have a crawl space, I'm thinking of going with an infinite baffle subwoofer. I plan on making a custom coffee table to house the receiver, hd dvd player, sub amp, DVDs, and the projector will sit on top.

Let me know what you think. Waste of money? Better configuration possible? Plasma over the fireplace instead? Need more info?

Thanks a bunch!


calv1n's Avatar calv1n 04:00 PM 08-29-2006
Sounds good keep us posted. The Panasonic 900 is a lot of PJ for the $$ so I think you made a good choice there budget wise. I'm not so sure the electric screen over a pull down is cost effective though but it is a nice touch.
After you get a few more posts you'll be able to post links and photos I believe you need 5 so give us a few more posts with some more details then you will be able to include them.
ginmtb's Avatar ginmtb 04:12 PM 08-29-2006
Thanks Calvin - I was checking out your thread - holy cow!!! That is some serious stuff. Guess your budget is a bit higher than mine.

I like the idea of using the remote to lower the screen - but if I can save some money there and put it into better speakers, probably should consider the manual screen. It would be a little less work (although running the electrical should be pretty simple).

GreySkies's Avatar GreySkies 06:01 PM 08-29-2006
I thought this might help—

With the IB sub in the crawlspace, I'd worry about pounding the neighborhood.
ginmtb's Avatar ginmtb 08:30 PM 08-29-2006
Thanks GreySkies - much appreciated. I need just a few more posts and I'll be able to post my own photos and links.

Seems though the attic would be similar when it comes to noise for neighbors. Although I guess there is a bit more venting for the crawl space. I guess I'll have to test it out - my crawl space is pretty big. At least it is the low frequencies so it will be more soothing... :)

I have the option of going a standard enclosure for a sub as well. I've found a great spot to conceal either the standard enclosure or the IB. The two columns (black dots) near the front entry sit on a box basically that is 2'Hx2'Wx5'L. There is nothing under there except some non-load bearing framing and the subfloor - I figured I'd cut holes into the subfloor and mount the subs or I can build a sub enclosure and slip it in there. Then a nice matching fabric grill and I'm set.

Thanks again!

ginmtb's Avatar ginmtb 08:36 PM 08-29-2006
Does anyone have any thoughts on rear speaker placement? I have two options:

1) Mount them up high on the arches and point them down (about 8' high)

2) Mount them low in the boxes below the arches and point them upwards (about 1' off the ground).
GreySkies's Avatar GreySkies 05:50 AM 08-30-2006
I'd mount them up high and point down. I think having them lower than ear level would make the speaker easier to locate.
ginmtb's Avatar ginmtb 09:25 AM 08-30-2006
Cool thanks! I have a 6.1 receiver, so I guess I'll utilize the rear center up on that arch too.

Following Calvin's lead, I checked out the Proficient line of speakers. The C650 LCR In-Ceiling Speakers are set at a 15 degree angle, so they can be pointed slightly downward.

Should I consider however going with a new 7.1 receiver or will the 6.1 setup work just fine?


ginmtb's Avatar ginmtb 09:25 AM 08-30-2006
ginmtb's Avatar ginmtb 11:39 AM 08-31-2006
I think I'll go with the 5.1 system, will be easier to upgrade to the 7.1 should I ever decide to go that route.

Have already done some tweaking of the layout:

My room is very light (beige everywhere). I can get it pretty dark, but not completely in the day. So I think I'm going with the Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol screen with High Contrast Matte White surface. I think it is actually more grey which should help with the light colors.

I going to do a DIY ceiling lift. Got a quote for $1299 just for the lift - crazy!!! That's about the price of the projector. Doing it all for around $300. Hopefully I can make it work. :)

The column bases have created some interesting possibilities with hiding things - my IB sub will be built inside, and then with some matching fabric they'll be pretty much hidden. I'm thinking of doing the same for the components - but make it a door so they're accessible. The speaker fabric is sheer enough so that an IR signal can still work. More stealth.
Steve Scherrer's Avatar Steve Scherrer 01:54 PM 08-31-2006
Good luck with the DIY ceiling lift. Sounds like a lot of work, but if you're game, then you'll have a lot of fun. I love DIY stuff, and my screen is a diy retractable one that extends from a cornice over a window:
ginmtb's Avatar ginmtb 09:34 PM 08-31-2006
Nice and stealthy. That's how we want ours to be.
ginmtb's Avatar ginmtb 11:14 PM 09-10-2006
Family and friends have asked for photos of my HT project. Too time consuming sending photos individually so I setup a blog detailing my HT:
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