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johnathan's Avatar johnathan 08:52 AM 02-20-2007
Hi everyone it's my turn

Well after almost nine years of waiting/sharing the living room I have my own space ! Me and my wife were going to do an attic build out but the budget skyrocketed and we had to reconsider.

The main reason for the addition was to add space for a dedicated home theater. We decided to convert our 16'6" x 13'3" den. I got the green light for color choice,furniture and some new equipment .

My goal is to have the room completed and ready for install of my new JVC RS-1 1080P D-ila projector. I will keep my 119" Dalite Cosmopolitin electric High Power 16x9 screen. For anyone wanting to see my present setup look at my photos here on AVS under my name.

I planned two rows of seating the rear on a 13" riser and the front our existing couch. As my wife likes to stretch out on her side. I bought 4 leather/vinyl berkline 45004's with electric recline and mini butt kickers installed.

I have planned 5 zones of lighting and am waiting for my Lutron Grafik Eye GRX-3506-T in black giving me 1 zone left over. I have a closet in the room that is being converted to the equipment closet. This initially housed a fifty gallon electric hot water heater. I removed that and installed a tank less water heater giving me plenty of room.This involved installing a small sub panel with 2 60a 220v circuits. So I also installed 2 20a dedicated circuits for audio/video . And reused the former 220v 30a circuit to 110v 20a for the lighting.

The house was built in 1985 and has a small closet type wet bar. This I demoed out and built a snack bar with a brand new 8oz Contempo Popcorn Popper .Along with candy rack and plenty of counter space.

After I receive word that the JVC RS-1 is shipping I will start to move all of our present HT equipment from the living room to the new HT.

I was trying to wait until I completed the theater to post all of this but there has been some interest so here is another build thread. Here are a few of the progress pictures. *** Added before picture of the den 2-26-07***
Riser build up. I used the riser calculator on the forum

Acoustic "popcorn ceiling" sprayed black with a high pressure sprayer. I also painted all trim,chair rail,registers ,doors and light rings etc flat black enamel latex.

1.Four paintable ceramic sconces
2.Crown molding / rope lighting.
3. LED step lighting in the riser steps
4. Two 4" recessed IC spot lights " task /eating" during movie .These are strategically placed as to not effect screen wall at full power.
5. Kept four 80's era recessed square lights for general house lighting.

Some lighting

Rear view

Our old wet bar to new snack bar

johnathan's Avatar johnathan 09:31 AM 02-20-2007
This is just the beginning for me . I have a lot of work left to do.

1. Wire rope lights----done 2-20-07
2. Install Lutron Grafik Eye GRX-3506-T
3. Paint,repair and wire equipment closet
4. Build rotating equipment rack
5. Install all A/V equipment including 7.1 speakers and subwoofer
6. Install full size butt kicker in couch and wire riser for in seat mini bk's .
7. Build acoustic sound panels 2'x4' 2" OC 703 12 ea to start
8. Build install sub traps 2ea
9. Build low profile coffee table " in front of couch"
10. Build end tables for HT seating along with tray tables
11. Modify old TV mount with shelf for projector
12. Try to calibrate room sound/ video
calv1n's Avatar calv1n 10:54 AM 02-20-2007
Looking good Johnathan. I especially like the ceiling in your HT room
RxMan1's Avatar RxMan1 12:26 PM 02-20-2007
Looks great!
I'm envious of those 45004s sitting on that riser!! I'll have the carpet done on my riser in a couple of days and my chairs in a couple more weeks.

Everything looks like it's coming along nicely. Looking at your list shows that you are doing things right. Keep showing the progress.
johnathan's Avatar johnathan 02:57 PM 02-20-2007
Thanks Guy's
I bought enough carpet to have left over. I will make an area rug in front of couch/screen.And a couple of runners in front of the steps on the riser.

Any upholstery shop can sew a border or pipping around the edge for less than $1.00 a linear foot. Area rugs cost big bucks so you may remember that when buying the carpet for the riser !

You would be surprised how much my wife and her mother like the ceiling. I have wanted a black ceiling forever. Last night my wife was telling me how soothing she finds the black color ! It really does almost feel like a night sky.

Did you order your seats ?Hope the p.m.'s were helpful. Johnathan
eq_shadimar's Avatar eq_shadimar 09:22 AM 02-21-2007
Looking good! I love build threads. It is neat to watch the progress as rooms come together.

johnathan's Avatar johnathan 07:09 PM 02-21-2007
Thanks Jeff
It takes time to comment and I apperiate your time.

Update today
No controller yet for lights. But I did wire the step lighting.

Step Lights

Watson5's Avatar Watson5 09:08 PM 02-21-2007
Wow, those step lights are really cool. Wish I had the room for a riser and front seating like that.
Watson5's Avatar Watson5 09:09 PM 02-21-2007
How much room from the Berks to the back of the couch?
johnathan's Avatar johnathan 08:35 AM 02-22-2007
The berk's are 33" from the back of the couch. The foot rest extends about 24" to 26" in full recline. This give me a little room to walk between the rest and the couch in full recline.
I like the lights but just wish the housing was black. That would match the theme of my theater better. Johnathan
johnathan's Avatar johnathan 10:54 PM 02-22-2007
I wired a new light in the future equipment closet. I also painted it and started to patch some sheet rock. This closet used to contain a 50 gal. water heater. It now has a tankless water heater. Saving much space!

Tomorrow I will build the rack using MDF ! Johnathan
johnathan's Avatar johnathan 11:01 PM 02-22-2007
The tankless system required 2 circuits of 220v 60a . I had a friend come by and tye in a new subpanel. I added 2 110v 20a dedicated circuits for audio/video .

I converted the old 220 2 pole 30a circuit to a single 110v 20a circuit for HT lighting. Johnathan

johnathan's Avatar johnathan 11:20 AM 02-24-2007
Update 2-24-07

I spent more hours than I care to mention building and rebuilding my new equipment rack last night ! It is constructed from 3/4" birch ply nails and screws.
My equipment closet is rather small and I had to come up with a workable solution.

So I built my rack on casters and will leave plenty of slack in audio/video and power connection as to allow me to roll the rack in and out of the closet for maintainance !

I picked up a cheap Ryobi table saw from HD along with my wood. Next I looked at my ruff plans and built the rack. Eight or more hours later came the trial fit. Damn *%^&$#@
Even after removing the inner trim on the door casing the rack would not go through the door opening.

So back out to the table saw I dismantled the rack and removed 1 1/2 " over all.
Reassembly and it fit through the door . The new width just allows me to fit equipment in it. But I have plans for cooling with a baffle and HVAC return in the closet !

In this shot I just stuck some equipment in quickly for show. Johnathan
PS I made the shelves in a way that they can be moved for equipment upgrades.

AUSSiE78's Avatar AUSSiE78 11:30 AM 02-24-2007
having the rack on casters is a great idea! looks good too. Keep up the great work johnathan.

johnathan's Avatar johnathan 11:37 AM 02-24-2007
Today acoustic panels !
Swithey was kind enough to give me a line on JM 814 same as OC 703 locally !
I bought 14 ea. 2'x4' X2" , 2ea. 2'X4'X1" and 2ea. 3'x4'x4" mineral wool .

Now to compromise with looks and sound. I will keep it as symmetrical as I can with the best sound in mind. I do have to get a little more help with either building two corner sub traps. Either 2ea panels or a corner tri shape like I have seen for sale on the net !

Back to work in the garage. I am on a week of vacation next week. So I will install all of my present equipment. And then be ready to install the new JVC RS-1 when it ships ! Hoping that is is in March. But so excited with the new HT room my old Sony HS-10 will get me through the wait. Johnathan

johnathan's Avatar johnathan 11:50 AM 02-24-2007
Thanks for the compliment ! Funny that it just doesn't look like that much work has been done.But this last month and a half I am beat. I really don't know how this guy's hold up to a 12 to 16 month build ! It really gives me more respect for them and all that they have done !

My family is very excited about the new room as we have put up with the limitations of the main living room for years ! Johnathan
swithey's Avatar swithey 01:02 PM 02-24-2007

Nice job on the rack and the room. That was a good idea replacing the water heater with a tankless model. What a great way to free up space

And glad to help with a source for the insualtion.
johnathan's Avatar johnathan 01:35 PM 02-24-2007
Thanks for the post and tips ! The tankless water heater is a 2 part windfall for me. It saves electric and gives me space for equipment ! That way I could have the equipment hidden and also have a snack bar area !

Speaking of which taxman48 posted a link to this candy rack
I love it and it is a perfect for my counter. Now to just stay out of the candy until movie time ha ha. Johnathan

johnathan's Avatar johnathan 01:23 PM 02-25-2007
I am on my way out to Joann's for some fabric for my acoustic panels. I have made the first five of many ! The number will be determined as I go along. I will make various sizes to cover a large portion of wall below the existing chair rail first !

I have played around with photo shop to try and come up with something functional and pleasing to look at. I have final say but making the wife happy really helps out.

I temporally built a 24"x48" to show the family and they all freaked out about covering all of the green walls up .
First these are five 2" 24"x24" or there abouts . I am also putting two 48"x** beside the screen of 1" thickness . Have a look. Johnathan

johnathan's Avatar johnathan 01:36 PM 02-25-2007
I am using PSE 3 to try out some side wall ideas. I know I will have to install speakers next week and do the mirror trick. For finding the first reflective point.

Anyway if any one has any comments or tip any help would be appreciated !
Have a look these are just ideas. Fifty/fifty on looks and performance is my goal.
Thanks . Johnathan

Left hand side of room

AUSSiE78's Avatar AUSSiE78 02:22 PM 02-25-2007
I had a thought about room treatments a while ago with having some sort of picture on the cloth (like a family photo) But thought it wouldn't look very good. I think the larger of the treatments look better than the little ones scattered all over. However I don't know how effective this would be (I don't know much about it yet)

You're almost done... let's see the final product!

johnathan's Avatar johnathan 03:41 PM 02-25-2007
Thanks Aussie78

I still have to do some thought on the walls above the chair rail. Johnathan
thecodeman's Avatar thecodeman 03:53 PM 02-25-2007
Wow, that looks great! Nice conversion and use of space! You'll love that roll out rack if you change your mind about things as often as I do LOL.
johnathan's Avatar johnathan 05:49 PM 02-25-2007
Thanks for the complement ! Can't tell you how many times I have pulled the present entertainment center away from the wall ! I have a buffalo IR repeater and will be able to control everything with the closet closed.

Man I still have a ton of things to do yet. But each day I tick another thing off the list. Just a little at a time .

After covering the first frame with black 100% jute burlap from Joann's. I am beginning to believe larger frames may be the ticket ha ha. Less work for me. Thank you both for looking in. Johnathan
swithey's Avatar swithey 02:20 PM 02-26-2007

My wife was interested in preserving the paint color on the wall as well. This forced me to go with "hung" panels vs. covering the entire wall with fabric. Here are a few ideas that might fit your design constraints. Just a little food for thought to hopefully spark some ideas for you

Both use different height panels but all of them as are 2' wide. I went ahead and made the entire section below the chair-rail "all" panel because you will need some extra absobrtion in the room given your tile floors.

Panel Height (left to right): 2', 2.5' 3.5', 2.5' 2'

Panel Height (left to right): 3.5', 3.5', 3', 2.5', 2'

RobZ's Avatar RobZ 02:32 PM 02-26-2007
Great job so far. Congrats on ordering the RS1. That's exciting. As far as the panels go, I started with first reflection points and loved the "taming" of the room's acoustic so much that I ended up using the panels along the entire span of the room. The design below looks pretty cool and would probably have a great effect on acoustic absorption. By the way, thats a great color scheme. The ceiling looks great.

johnathan's Avatar johnathan 07:00 PM 02-26-2007
Thank you for taking the time to work on the panel design ! You are right the echo was scary in the room as I have been remodeling ! I do plan an area rug in front of the couch and two runners in front of riser steps . I like your ideas and will show the wife .

Thank you for the compliments. I painted the room green last year .Coming from white walls we loved it. Since the HT remodel I filled holes and did another fresh coat of green.I
am adding a before shot in the first post of this thread.

With just the five front panels I am starting to hear a difference already. Just talking or clapping the sound is starting to tame down ha ha. It gave me the motivation boost I needed. Johnathan
PDX-Scott's Avatar PDX-Scott 09:58 AM 02-27-2007
That is an impressive amount of work. Thank you for sharing it with us! I'm thinking...thinking...thinking....

Scott T
johnathan's Avatar johnathan 10:40 AM 02-27-2007
Thanks PDX-Scott
Some times there is so much more involved than meets the eye. I just keep taking steps forward. I am very excited to own somthing like this . It truly has been a dream of mine since my first visit to AVS forum over 8 years ago.

I can't waith to enjoy it with my family and friends ! Well back to work.
I actualy seen a video made by David Bott of his home theater in his basment and was amazed ! Johnathan
Matt Brann's Avatar Matt Brann 02:59 PM 02-27-2007
Hi Johnathan,

Your room is great. I'm in the process of designing my own riser and had a quick question. It looks like you layered particle board on top of the pine plywood. Is that for sound proofing, structural stability or just happenstance?
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