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Lol, no.

I just figured that since Fincher likes to play jokes on people, that he'd do it over a whole film in a very subtle manner.

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Like you're doing, in this very thread, in a not-so-subtle manner?
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Oh I must say my audio punched quite nicely right after, "Can I kill him?!" Awesome! And visually, I loved how Lizbeth handled [his] handgun
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Originally Posted by Fanboyz View Post

Lol, no.

I just figured that since Fincher likes to play jokes on people, that he'd do it over a whole film in a very subtle manner.

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While I'm usually not a Fincher-head, I really enjoyed "The Social Network." Part of it was the fact that the dark, sinister Fincher style played really nicely with the taut, dialog heavy, and subtley disturbing Aaron Sorkin script.

TGWTDT, not so much. The two storylines did not play well together and seemed to be from two different movies with two different styles. The Daniel Craig journalism scandal subplot seemed to be tacked on as James Bond-like bookends (ala the ode to Maurice Binder's famous 007 opening credits that have Saul Bass influences) and didn't flow with the mystery surrounding the crazy, rich family.

Even with the twists and turns, I could easily pick out who done it and then it became quite contrived with a few dashes of deus ex machina thrown in to get the protagonist out of his jam.

I never read the books, so I'm not sure how well Stieg Larsson blended these two story elements together or whether he, like Dan Brown, was more hype than substance.

Like Alfred Hitchcock and Tim Burton, Fincher needs a good script to work from since they're all more visual conceptualists than great story tellers (though, Hitchcock did have a flair for the latter as well). Steven Zaillian's for-hire script work is usually hit-n-miss (similiar to David Koepp) and that's probably why Sorkin was brought in for re-writes on "Moneyball." Maybe they needed a better adapter of the novels.

As for the picture quality on the Blu-ray... I wonder if Sony didn't intentionally do a less than absolutely stellar 1080p downconvert from the 4k IP knowing full well that TGWTDT will be one of the first true 4k titles on the new 4k medium coming possibly late next year. A studio would never do something that underhanded to make the next new format look that much better to consumers, now would it?

Listen up, studios! Just say "NO" to DNR and EE!!
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Had not read the book but we enjoyed it a few nights ago. Not sure I will own it but I feel the same with Hunger Games...good rental but not sure I would care to watch it again. I have read the Hunger Game books.
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ok, i guess i was right about redbox and their purported bd copies of this movie.

if you call their help line, the first questions they ask now is "if your having
problems with your copy of tgwtdt, press 1"

seems like their buying their brs from the chinese counterfeit market.
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post #68 of 68 Old 01-31-2015, 09:13 AM
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A late revival. Picked up the 3-disc set from Amazon recently. First saw and enjoyed this Fincher-directed Dragon Tattoo on a FIOS premium channel, where it seemed quite soft PQ-wise. So, for just $10, was curious if the Blu-ray delivered significantly crisper images. I'd earlier measured some fine details from a different 4k-digital-intermediate transfer to Blu-ray (The Tree of Life), using a test disc with frequency multibursts . Tattoo was shot digitally, with RED-camera gear and a 4k DI, while Tree of Life was shot on 35mm film. Tree has a ~1.84:1 aspect ratio (on BR) and Tattoo ~2.40:1.

One review of Tattoo ( suggests the overall darkness and muted colors was chosen for the nature of the movie and cold Swedish environment. Hard to tell whether deliberate lens filtering or the digtal-camera capture, or post production editing , leads to the lack of fine details in this 4k-DI-transfer 1080p Blu-ray. Comments about other RED-camera productions sometimes mention an apparent lack of dynamic range. But despite the missing details, a first viewing of Tattoo on Blu-ray still delivered the impact recalled from my premium-cable introduction.

Found the roughly 4-hour supplement disc fascinating, too. The post-production section shows how the many takes of digital capture were woven together and the reasoning behind some of the edits. Another section shows an actor--the lead 'villain'-- requesting three takes for very minor acting variations in one line of dialog. Found the 3rd disc in my set, the Ultraviiolet, was long outdated--although I wouldn't have used it anyway. -- John

EDIT: During a 2nd viewing I found that changing my plasma's gamma setting from 2.2 to 2.0 made, IMO, too-dark scenes--mostly the entire movie---brighter and more realistic. Also set my display into cinema mode (from standard), which boosted colors slightly. Planned to measure the actual effective resolution of some details, as with Tree of Life, but so far haven't spotted anything crisp enough to try measuring.
EDIT2: Viewing three was mostly listening to the director's comments about most scenes. Selecting the ON/OFF special feature on the main disc reduces the audio track volume. Excellent for added understanding of scenes--plus the remarkable attention to details and continuity, such as farming out a short scene to have someone digitally add a tiny part to the tattoo-actress's hair.

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