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Originally Posted by johnniedoo View Post
I introduced my friends and family members about Ntflx 7 or so yrs ago, they all still use, and love, it and use the home delivery and streaming. I found out about the slick move to stagger those emails so not to get lambasted by all the longer term users at once who forgot about the warnings issued 2plus yrs ago. I paid my last bill to them 8/2014. I get an invitation every 2months for another free month.
I loved the service and was with it from about a year after it was available. By the time I quit, I barely liked it and used far less frequently. I found myself scrolling the titles for 2hrs and still not finding a movie I hadn t seen or wanted to watch and that is lots of titles. once , it took me so long to find a movie my eyes hurt too much to watch. I pulled the plug with lots of anxiety, took many months for me to finally make that decision and then deactivate the service.
I was one of the most disappointed quitting that than anything i've discontinued. I always felt that they would improve in a few months
but that is just my feeling about the service. I know there are plenty of titles for a large segment of video watchers .Kid, animated shows ,etc. Just not to my taste doesnt make it a bad service at all.
If i still had kids around no question but i would have kept it
I guess I got spoiled at the beginning and the potentials for the company to realize more profit and the arrival of serious competition from source companies made the business decision to split services with in netflix inevitable . I had streaming and home delivery of that initial huge variety for just the price of the home delivery plan , how many dvds I had at one time streaming was almost treated as an after thought . I still paid $24 month then 4 dvd at a time and then the sur charge for blu rays. I guess part of my decision to leave was that sense of losing services or having them taken back and fees going up .
I still lament that loss but it was good while it lasted.
What makes Netflix shine is their investment into streaming original content. Even HBO can't keep up in terms of programing and Netflix is still cheaper. Their DVD service still provides the best inventory of new Blu-Ray releases, at a reasonable price, which has always been my main concern.

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Originally Posted by johnniedoo View Post
as of 8/14 i severed a very long time association with netflix due to significant content dropping and refocusing new additions on things i did not like. many must have , just lost the movies i liked.
i do not use redbox or any supermarket kiiosk types anylonger, for about 15months or so.
i signed up for acorn, but they are very limited in what they stream but very low cost, and niche directed.
i am looking for streaming options to find a level. amazon prime is nearly ok, but the ones i am most interested in ,eg warner archives is on the high cost end,.
i had been a total fan of movie rentals from pre blockbuster days, from when the business first started with the proprietorship/mom and pop stores first began,till blockbuster , hollywood took them all down.
dvd got me to netflix and i was a $30month for just my own needs(wants) and did early streaming and 4dvd per plan and blu ray premium when it first started.
but i got too old for content selection or focus i guess.
now it will cost me $10/month for jst streaming i think. all of the legacy 7.99 people are now bumped up to a single tier pay schedule. i get the free month emails monthly or 2x month still.
i am at a loss and nowhere to go as time passed. got fewer choices, it seems to me and higher costs for that lower selection
only thing to be glad about is that i dont live in canada. my sister is canadian by marriage and they moved back there a few yrs ago and found how limited netflix canada is. i guess i should be glad the usa has more of what i dont like to choose from ).
but, i still check out the big supermarket chain kiosk offerings a few times a week. maybe i will spring for one of the newer movies i have interest in, again.
this is the only way i knew how to 'stand up ' to those movie giants, by not giving over money for half baked things.
i have a feeling they really dont care whether i rent or not
i do not do pirated copies either. did once shortly after dvd became the format of choice over vhs tpe. was disappointed and never looked at any again. they are easy enough to buy where i live. but dont do them
besides i am pretty sure they would not hve the best audio.
i am not prepared to buy any blu ray or hd dvd anymore either. i did for about 5yrs of some things i really liked , but for the most part, the movies are not multi watch quality. some are, dont want to over state. but so many are just not worth keeping to re watch at home.
no longer have kids at home who could and would watch lots of movies a thousand times and love each viewing as much as the first. those movies were worth buying
just supporting the comment on going backward with my 2¢ added
I'm in the same mindset as you, and I'm not sure where to turn. For the first time, tonight, I rented a BD from Redbox to find that it only contains the DD track. I really felt gipped. The only reason I rent BD is for the superior sound.
I don't know now what has a lossless soundtrack at RedBox, and what does not. Is there any way to tell before I pull the trigger and rent? BTW, the movie was Sicario, which is supposed to have great audio...I feel like i really lost out.
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Now that Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice is available at RedBox, has anyone discovered if the rental copy (either RedBox or Netflix) has Dolby Atmos?
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Originally Posted by diego99 View Post
Now that Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice is available at RedBox, has anyone discovered if the rental copy (either RedBox or Netflix) has Dolby Atmos?
Wondering the same thing.
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