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BIG ED's Avatar BIG ED 01:36 PM 04-10-2013
Originally Posted by MSchu18 View Post

I dont know, MOC looks better in terms or resolution, Criterion looks better in terms of exposure... though MOC shadow areas are a lot better.
Where are those caps from?
BIG thanks.
Originally Posted by khronikos View Post

Beaver shots
He said "Beaver Shots", hehehe!!!
Originally Posted by khronikos View Post

There are some striking differences here and some major WTFs from me again over Criterion's extras hogging bitrate space from the film.

First of all orange is in place of red in the MOC transfer which imo changes the look of the film quite a bit. It's brighter, definitely marginally more detailed with a 9Mbps advantage, and seems to have worse colors in the end from those Beaver shots. I like the green of the car better and the reds better in the Criterion.

The Criterion for some odd and ridiculous reason includes the TV version of the film edited and censored in 1080i! OH YAY! Thanks for this I really needed it!

My question is why the hell do I want a TV version of this film taking over an hour and a half in 1080i when the bitrate has to obviously suffer? I know their encode does look good but spends far too much time in the 20s when it should not have to. With Criterion pricing not changing but twice a year or so I will have to pass on this. I cannot for the life of me understand why this company offers these stupid extras in place of preserving the integrity of the image.

Anyway, despite that, their encoding looks good with slightly limited peaks and a decent mainfloor around 20Mbps.
For some people, the TV version was their 1st intro too "RM", sooooo...
I all so see orange on the "MoC" compared too red on the "CC", however those are "caps" which have proved in general too be inaccurate in the past.
The caps posted by MSchu18 don't show the orange vs. red thingy too me.
The diff framing does stand out tho, which I'd guess may affect he's "MOC looks better in terms or resolution" opinion.

Partyslammer's Avatar Partyslammer 02:10 AM 04-18-2013
Watched this one tonight. Repo Man was one of those WTF movies I originally saw back in it's original theatrical release back in '84-ish. I vividly remember seeing it at a drive-in in Orange, CA with a bunch of friends and really connecting with the offbeat humor of the film. We'd quote the dialog back and forth for months afterwords. I've had the old laserdisc and first dvd release but haven't watched them in years.

Overall, I think the transfer is excellent if just a smidgen too pink in some of the fleshtones. The mono 2 channel soundtrack is fairly dynamic for what it is but there's a few scenes where dialog gets buried in the mix. What really makes this release great is the extras, even the thick booklet which is a great read on it's own. I haven't been a huge fan of some of Criterion's graphics for their releases the last couple years and don't care much for the cover of this release, but the booklet perfectly captures the look and feel of the film thanks in large part to illustrators Rob Jones, Jay Shaw and director Alex Cox's comics. The (old) interview with Alex Cox and the aging inventor of the Neutron Bomb as they discuss deleted scenes is pretty bizarre viewing.

Highly recommended.
neveser's Avatar neveser 01:48 PM 04-18-2013
I agree (for the most part) with your review, Partyslammer. Great movie, great transfer, but I love the new packaging. Sure it's not the original artwork, but I think it works well for this release.

I watched most of the extras including the interview with Alex Cox and the inventor of the neutron bomb. Good stuff. The Iggy Pop interview was great too.
PooperScooper's Avatar PooperScooper 08:58 AM 04-20-2013
I watched this the other night and was very pleased with the BD. There were one or two deleted scenes that should have been in the movie. This is one of two movies where I bought the soundtrack CD. Love it. smile.gif

wuther's Avatar wuther 06:24 PM 04-22-2013

Sure enough there is a big color difference, those that blamed beaver are dis-proven once again, guess some do not mind being wrong all the time:
MSchu18's Avatar MSchu18 09:19 PM 04-22-2013
looks like a saturation and compression issue.
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