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Programming of Life (Blu-ray and DVD combo pack)

“The Programming of Life delves into one of the greatest mysteries in the living world—what controls the cell? Can evolution explain the spontaneous origin of life from simple chemicals? Can evolution explain how the complex cellular control system, called the ‘genome’, came to be? After a careful analysis of terms like ‘probability’, ‘certainty’, ‘unlikely’, and ‘impossible’, you will know the answer to these questions. Then, with an introduction to how utterly unlikely the origin of life is, you will better see the immensity of the problem for any naturalistic explanation of how life came to be.”


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Programming of Life Blu-ray release date and website information

I have verified that the 2011 Programming of Life documentary was released on the Blu-ray format in late January of 2013.

Quote from an email communication:

“The Programming of Life Blu-ray edition was released in late January 2013, so it is a recent addition to the marketplace.”

Free 360P YouTube Programming of Life documentary is available

On the Programming of Life website they offer a free 1 minute and 20 second Trailer. Also what really surprised me is a free 44 minute and 6 second Programming of Life documentary is available on YouTube at 360P quality (which is below DVD quality). Its amazing that the Producers of the Programming of Life documentary are offering the video free over the Internet in order to get the scientific message to as many people as possible. I am going to wait until I receive my Blu-ray version before watching the documentary.
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The following is a quote from CMI regarding the region code for the Programming of Life Blu-ray/DVD combo pack:

“Both the Programming of Life Blu-ray and DVD are region free.”
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Click on the following link to read the Programming of Life Blu-ray review
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