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denass's Avatar denass 10:26 PM 04-27-2013
This is a definite buy for me.
The colors on the dvd was good and should be great on bluray
Looking forward to it

Also seen Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. [Blu-ray] coming to

Both are are definite buy

nathanddrews's Avatar nathanddrews 07:05 AM 04-30-2013
It's pretty exciting that they are going back and converting as many of the classic to Blu-ray as possible. Most of the old episodes are shot on video, forever doomed to look like crap, but some are shot on film. It will be interesting to see how these pan out.

Doctor Who Spearhead From Space shot in 16mm 1.33:1:

Doctor Who Invasion Earth 2150AD shot in 35mm 2.35:1

Doctor Who And The Daleks shot in 35mm 2.35:1

The 1996 Doctor Who self-titled TV movie was also shot in 35mm, but most of the elements disappeared after its conversion to video. frown.gif
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