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Like Rigby Reardon did for The Good, Bad and Ugly, I just finished making an avisynth script to sync the English audio from the current German Blu-ray to the Italian Blu-ray. Why? I like the colors on the Italian much better and with a little noise reduction and sharpening using avisynth also, it looks really great but this is about the audio only so do what you will with the video.

You will need the German Blu-ray here. You will also need the Italian Blu-ray here.

Demux the Italian video stream (with eac3to), then demux the German audio 5.1 ac3 english stream.

Update - Looks like I converted the dts to ac3 for this project. It's your choice.

You will need avisynth installed of course and a media player like media player classic - home cinema (mpc-hc). You will also need the SoundOut() plugin for avisynth and ffmpegsource() here.

Copy the avisynth script below and paste into a text editor and give it a name ending in .avs. Replace the ffaudiosource path with your own path to the demuxed ac3 file.

Open the .avs file with mpc-hc or another program that supports .avs files. The video should start to play. Pause it, then find the SoundOut() window which may be hidden behind mpc-hc window. Click on "Save AC3" and choose a filename and bitrate for your output file. I left all the other options at default. Save it. Takes less than a minute. Now mux the newly created ac3 file with the Italian video you demuxed earlier and that's it. I used mkvmergegui to do that.

Note - this is not 100% perfect but very close. Also note that ffaudiosource will have to index the ac3 file when you first load it into mpc-hc, which will look like it's not playing. Please wait for about a minute from what I remember for it to start playing.
 * This script generates a synced English dub for the
 * Italian Blu-ray release of "For a few dollars more" out of the audio track of 
 * the German Blu-ray.
 *tyee @  Nov. 2, 2013
aud = FFAudioSource("G:\pathto\fafdm_gerOrigAudio.ac3")
vid = BlankClip(length=190705, fps=24000, fps_denominator=1001, channels=6, audio_rate=48000, sample_type="24bit")

Trim(0,480).Amplify(0) ++ \
DelayAudio(-0.7).Trim(481,2037) ++ \
DelayAudio(0.0).Trim(2038,34437) ++ \
DelayAudio(0.2).Trim(34438,34763) ++ \
DelayAudio(0.0).Trim(34764,82845) ++ \
DelayAudio(0.2).Trim(82846,98395) ++ \
DelayAudio(1.5).Trim(98396,118860) ++ \
DelayAudio(1.9).Trim(118861,124286) ++ \
DelayAudio(2.0).Trim(124287,128828) ++ \
DelayAudio(2.7).Trim(128829,129227) ++ \
DelayAudio(2.2).Trim(129228,130623) ++ \
DelayAudio(2.8).Trim(130624,132265) ++ \
DelayAudio(2.9).Trim(132266,132322) ++ \
DelayAudio(3.0).Trim(132323,132359) ++ \
DelayAudio(3.3).Trim(132360,133375) ++ \
DelayAudio(2.5).Trim(133376,133852) ++ \
DelayAudio(3.2).Trim(133853,135102) ++ \
DelayAudio(3.4).Trim(135103,135481) ++ \
DelayAudio(2.5).Trim(135482,138198) ++ \
DelayAudio(2.9).Trim(138199,141059) ++ \
DelayAudio(3.1).Trim(141060,142091) ++ \
DelayAudio(3.5).Trim(142092,143613) ++ \
DelayAudio(3.0).Trim(143614,145195) ++ \
DelayAudio(3.3).Trim(145196,145908) ++ \
DelayAudio(3.7).Trim(145909,146516) ++ \
DelayAudio(2.7).Trim(146517,147128) ++ \
DelayAudio(3.2).Trim(147129,148272) ++ \
DelayAudio(2.0).Trim(148273,163452) ++ \
DelayAudio(2.3).Trim(163453,184421) ++ \


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