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One consolation I have noticed with the reduction of BD discs is that it seems that more and more Netflix DVDs are anamorphic widescreen instead of slice-and-dice pan-and-scan for 1.78:1 and wider content. So apparently a significant percent of the Netflix customers have 1.78:1 TVs.

I still remember when DVDs of widescreen movies (1.85:1 and 2.35:1) were mostly pan-and-scan (to display on the old 1.33:1 TVs), and even today some of the older titles are still pan-and-scan (probably never replaced those older discs).

(Of course I am not referring to DVDs of pre-Digital TV transition TV shows or made-for-TV movies that were shot at 1.33:1 or movies filmed in the original Academy Ratio of 1.375:1. If the artistic intent was 4:3, a.k.a., 1.33:1, it makes perfect sense to watch those at 1.33:1.)

For the past few months when I have seen a good movie listed on TV, I have also checked IMDB for the OAR (Original Aspect Ratio) and Netflix for what they offer, and sometimes the broadcast will be closer to the OAR, but more and more the DVD (if there isn't a BD available for that title) will be closer to the OAR.

But of course if Netflix has the BD and that BD is available or has just a short wait, I'll usually opt for the BD.

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Originally Posted by fredxr2d2 View Post
As a 29 year old, let me say that I'd prefer that BDs stay around for a while, but I do understand the trepidation as most of my friends watch things on their computers or phones or tablets and don't quite understand my desire for the high quality experience that is blu-ray. Not to say that they don't appreciate coming to my house to watch a movie on my 106" screen, but that their normal viewing is either pirated or digital streaming.
Well, I'm not prognosticating the demise of DVD or BD .. I just think it's continuing to morph into an eventual niche or boutique market .. the day will come where Grampa Jetson will be sitting in the floating recliner and Little Wheezer Jetson will say "Hey, what's that metallic disc .. ?? Grampa will say :: "Well, Wheezer, that's what they called a Blu Ray back in my day .." ..

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Originally Posted by Marc_G View Post
They apparently just closed the local distribution center and the discs now Take a minimum of two days to get to me from the next city over. This makes it impossible to get two cycles per week. So the value of NF just dropped by half. I'm going to investigate the 3Dblurayrental place as the cost per disc now Wong be much different.
Wong? To put things in perspective. I pay under 2 bills for a BD movie these days, less then half of what it cost me at the local Block Buster years ago to rent a DVD. Therefore, you won't hear me complaining about a small surcharge that assures me better quality.

3D BD RP may offer UHD and even lossless audio for the small % of rental titles that are lossy, but it still ain't that cheap.


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