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Digital Man5's Avatar Digital Man5 04:41 PM 12-14-2009
A friend of mine managed to let his HD-A3 fall off the back of his HDTV the other day(I know, I know) and since then the tray has had issues coming all of the way out. I offered to take a look at it and I swear I've almost got it fixed except for this one spring that I cannot figure out(it was just loose in the drive when I got the player from him)..

The first picture is the HD DVD drive(Toshiba DAV-RB722) without the top. The next pic is the inside top of the HD DVD drive's lid. The final pic is where I have placed the spring in to the white plastic that's actually connected to the lid of the HD DVD drive.

What I've found is that without this spring in the proper location, the spindle on the drive itself cannot manage to deattach itself from the white plastic bit in the top of the lid to the drive(one or both are magnetic). Placing the spring where I did DOES allow the drive to open completely, but there's an issue:

When popping the drive open with the spring in the location I have set it, it sits there and scrapes the back of the tray, and the top of whatever movie. Plus, once the tray has retracted you can hear the drive trying to spin the disc and it just sounds horrible.

Here's the thing: That white plastic inside the top of the HD DVD drive's lid is simply backed up by the sticker on the top side(showing the manufacturer info), that's it. So you can here it scraping that sticker as it tries to hold the disc firm for the laser. This cannot be right, the spring must not go there.

I next though that, maybe, it went in to the actual spindle on the drive itself(that round thing next to the laser in the first pic), but it doesn't fit in that whole, or I can't get it to go in there.

Does anyone happen to know where this spring goes? I am almost certain that this HD DVD player WILL work once I find the correct location. I've tried looking at Google, here and just about every where else. I cannot find a pic of this HD DVD drive model opened up so that I can see where the spring originally went. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

Thanks so much,


257Tony's Avatar 257Tony 10:21 PM 12-14-2009
I've taken apart many a DVD drive, and some Blu Ray drives and never seen one with a spring on the lid magnet. Doesn't mean its not right, just never seen one that way. What I do know is, that I damn near ruined a PS3 drive by losing a spring. Took me forever to find a replacement, and figure out where it came from. Trial and error was all I could go off of. Good luck with it!
Digital Man5's Avatar Digital Man5 09:45 AM 12-15-2009
Yeah, I've just about given up. Everything I do just seems to make it worse. Will try to sell it for parts and as "not working". Maybe someone will have the knowledge to fix it, or a replacement drive to put in it. Ah well..

MDOC777's Avatar MDOC777 02:52 PM 12-16-2009
Buy or borrow another model of the same model, look inside it, figure out the spring placement, then return it.
Michael9009's Avatar Michael9009 12:48 AM 12-30-2009
Do any of these photos help? The drive is from an HD-A30 and I can see a small spring similar to yours in the white plastic cursor / slider that moves along the helical shaft, moving the laser diode assembly back and forth.
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