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Bullet23's Avatar Bullet23 12:08 AM 10-22-2011
hi im new to this forum
i have a samsung d5000 led tv Full HD 1080p with usb support
my question is that to play downloaded blue ray 720p and 1080p files
is it better to play from the HD DVD PLAYERS supporting USB(because its transmiting via HDMi cable) OR USB directly ON THE TV


pacofortacos's Avatar pacofortacos 08:58 AM 10-23-2011
I don't think the HD DVD will play movies via usb.
RonAlam's Avatar RonAlam 11:07 AM 11-10-2011
wait, your trying to play downloaded Blu Ray rips(which im guessing you obtained illegally) through the XBOX HD-DVD drive via USB?? Not sure what your asking. If your TV supports .mp4, .MKV, or .WMVHD playback via USB, use a hard drive. Not sure how an HD-DVD has any relevance in that equation.
spring2011's Avatar spring2011 08:02 PM 11-24-2011
yes, i think it is can use usb,may be it can connect to our tv,but I have never seen,I have a portable DVD, at any time you can watch,But I'm still looking forward to 1080p.
RonAlam's Avatar RonAlam 01:15 PM 11-28-2011
I have no idea what the above post is saying...
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