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TomM_MD's Avatar TomM_MD 11:00 AM 01-13-2013
Not sure if I am biasing the comments by putting my question here but here goes.

We have a 12 year old 65-inch Mitsubishi rear-projection HD television.

It is fed from our RCN cable service via our Tivo.

The issue we have now is that we would like to watch Amazon Prime streaming video.

We can get the pay Amazon via the Tivo but Tivo does not support the Amazon Prime free selections. (We also cannot get RCN's selection of Video on Demaon --including HBO on demand.)

We are considering getting either a Roku or a Blu-Ray which will allow us to get both Amazon Prime and I understand that at least the Roku supports HBO to GO which would in effect get us HBO on Demand.

Any advice, cautions or recommendations?

btw, our tv is so old it does not have HDMI. We would have to use either component or composite connections.

9512tacoma's Avatar 9512tacoma 06:15 PM 01-19-2013
I have the roku 2 xs it works great for amazon prime. It has hdmi and a breakout composite cable
jadebox's Avatar jadebox 02:05 PM 01-23-2013
I have Amazon (and Netflix) players in my TVs, Blu-Ray players, and my (ack! spit!) Logitech Revues. But, I prefer using the Roku for watching streaming video from Amazon, Netflix, and other sources. The Roku has a simple interface that works well and I've had less problems streaming video with it than through the other devices.

Plus, I discovered a lot of sources for free movies and TV shows (like Crackle) that I might now have noticed otherwise. And, I bought Play On which to allows me to use the Roku as a media player that plays more types of videos than the DLNA players built into the TV and Blu-Ray devices.

Can you tell than I like my Rokus? :-)

-- Roger
Bai Shen's Avatar Bai Shen 02:23 PM 01-23-2013
I've used both a BD player and a Roku and I definitely prefer the Roku. My player has been relegated to just playing physical discs.
RonAlam's Avatar RonAlam 07:58 AM 01-27-2013
why is this thread in here?
pman's Avatar pman 01:29 PM 03-05-2013
Jadebox, What is Play On? I have Roku 2xs
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