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junglalien's Avatar junglalien 04:04 PM 04-28-2013
Not my auction. I thought I would post it here since stuff like this is hard to find these days. I just bought one. 19 left

Laserfan 06:20 AM 04-29-2013
I thought I knew everything about HD-DVD but I've never seen this product before! Can't imagine where the ebayer found such things?

Except that I have an (ugly, sorta useless) HP HD-DVD ROM drive in my closet I might get one of these for my "collection". Oh heck, I might get one anyway!

junglalien's Avatar junglalien 06:22 AM 04-29-2013
I have a used one of these. It's a slim drive in a nice metal case. I think they were close to $400 back in the day.
tienvg's Avatar tienvg 02:11 PM 05-02-2013
Got mine for $35..
RonAlam's Avatar RonAlam 06:25 PM 05-09-2013
ive got one very similar, except mine actually has the ability to burn HD-DVD discs. I got it as a bundle with 3/4 discs. Never used it, and never found software that was easy to use to convert HD movies into the HD DVD format.
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