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Splicer010's Avatar Splicer010 07:27 PM 10-04-2009
Originally Posted by rcserg View Post

Does it come in factory box with King Kong and remote?

Comes in factory box w/universal remote, no King Kong.

ti-triodes's Avatar ti-triodes 04:48 PM 02-23-2010
Here"s something I haven't seen in a long while. Ubid is listing a HD-A3 player for bid.

junglalien's Avatar junglalien 02:33 PM 06-17-2011

Buffalo BRHC-6316U2 6x Blu-ray Burner BD-RE/HD DVD-ROM/16x DVD±RW DL USB 2.0 External Drive $119.99 free shipping. I have one of these and it works great for playing HD DVDs and burning BDs. It is a LG GGW-H20N in an external USB case.
lostcase's Avatar lostcase 08:39 PM 06-17-2011
oh wow, awesome.
ngwest36's Avatar ngwest36 06:21 AM 06-18-2011
Nice. I was wondering what I'd do if my old LG Blu/HDDVD burner went bust.
Laserfan 08:50 AM 06-22-2011
Maybe a good thing I didn't jump on the Buffalo, cuz I noticed they had brand new GGC-H20N units for $60 bucks (can't have too many super multi drives), and got two of those instead of one of the Buffalo "open box" units. Plus just $8.80 shipping economy is not bad at all. Love the geeks! Note that the GGC-H20N is NOT a BD burner (only CD/DVD) whereas the Buffalo IS a BD writer.

EDIT: Got the GGC-H20Ns from geeks and they are "as advertised" new, barebone units. Surprising to me is their finish is different from the other drives I have (GGC-H20L, GGW-H20L, GBC-H20L crossflashed) in that instead of a glossy black lower, with lotsa logos, these are a matte finish with no DVD or CD logos in the lower left corner, and a slightly less obtrusive blue led--a relative plain jane OEM. An unexpected pleasure, as for the HTPC build I am doing less-is-more as far as standing-out is concerned.

junglalien's Avatar junglalien 01:36 AM 07-24-2011
davidores's Avatar davidores 04:03 AM 08-20-2011
good to know!
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