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scissorhands's Avatar scissorhands 03:40 PM 09-06-2010
Hi I know that AVS forums aren't the same as "avs video editor." But I have found these forums to be very helpful in the past, so can anyone help me with the following question?

I am using AVS Video Editor 4.2, and in the "volume and balance" menu, you can slide the 3 sliders anywhere between 0 to the left and 200 to the right.
And the three sliders are for "Main Video," "Video Overlay," and "Audio Mix" (audio mix = extra audio you have added).

I made a video and I added audio. So I turned the audio of the main video to 0, and the video overlay to 0, but what should I turn the "audio mix" to?

When I tried turning it to the middle - 100, it ended up sounding too quiet when I uploaded it to YouTube.

So I redid it on 200, but now I think it might sound distorted. Or at least the part of my video with interviews (and not music) sounded distorted. I don't know if the music does though...

Does anyone know what setting it SHOULD be at?

and also...

You know the red line that you can move up and down and diagonally in an added audio track...?

If I want that line to just stay straight across, how far up should that red line be....?

Should it be halfway or 3 quarters of the way, or all the way up?

Will all the way up also cause distortion?



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