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I still have a decent collection of HD-DVDs, so I'm trying to find a player for my HTPC, running Windows 7. Have a blu-ray/HD-DVD drive installed and PowerDVD 10 for blu-ray playback, but not having any luck locating playback software for HD-DVD. Anyone know of any current or working software, preferably freeware, for HD-DVD that won't conflict with PowerDVD? How about a codec that will work with WMP or Media Center?
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Try Arcsoft's Total Media Theatre 3 (TMT3).

It costs a bit but is the best choice (IMHO) for playing HD DVD directly from disc.

Works great on my HTPC for all of the HD DVDs I have and does fine with Blu-ray & DVD as well.
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TMT is my favorite. It's been a while but if MPC can play ISO, you could change HDDVD to BD with ClownBD. You'd need AnyDvdHD.

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When I purchased a ATI5570 card to my HTPC i got a 50% discount on TMT3, dont know if it still is active.
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Another vote for TMT3. I like their interface much better than PowerDVD. I have my blu ray burner in my pc, and my X-Box HD-DVD drive that chugs along fine. and I do mean CHUG! It's not exactly lightning-fast ripping a DVD. In my theater room, I have a Toshiba A-2 that works great. Like it better than the A-3 I just sold.

I'm sure I have 20 HD DVDs I haven't watched yet from the truckload I bought dirt cheap from that Canadian site. inet I think.

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TMT3 is the one and only option today. Don't know if the up coming TMT5 will still support HDDVD or not but it is expected to be released in the holiday season so better wait a month and see.

HDDVD died early before any HDDVD software player is mature enough to iron out all the bugs. TMT3 is about the best but most special features like P in P or pop up infos just doesn't work right and no more update relating to HDDVD will arcsoft put into the player. Also no bitstream for the format is a real pity.

I found Windvd 9 plus bluray works best with special features and it is the only one with no pause at layer change. Too bad its playback is choppy which stops me from using it for HDDVD.

Powerdvd 7.3 Ultra is good in most area but I got strange colour issue with some disc. It looks like the colour Red shift a few pixels up which makes the picture look blurry. Something like 4 colour printing with one colour position wrong.

The last one I have is Nero Showtime. It is abandoned long before any other players so don't expect much from it, and it simply refuse to play many titles even with anydvd.

I can only hope arcsoft will keep HDDVD playback in their next version 5. Don't know any free player out there except convert the format to bluray structure or mkv and loss the menus which I still likes.

Good news...Jason of Arcsoft said TMT5 will keep the support of HDDVD. Not sure how good but worth waiting for. He hint many times that HDDVD support will inevitably removed in the future since none of their OEM business partner request it. But I still believe it is the one feature enough for many to choose TMT over other players, BD folder playback is the other. It is wise for TMT to keep these 2 unique features not available in any other players on the market to win the share.
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