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05-19-2011 | Posts: 746
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I now have two copies of Gods and Generals, and both of them play the FBI warning and Warner Home Video intro on my HD-A30 and D3 players, but then stop and display "A system error occurred" on the screen with "NOT PLAY" on the display. They DO however seem to play fine on my HD-A2 and A1, so that would suggest an authoring error/compatibility problem. Has anyone watched this disc on an A3, A30, or A35? Looks like I'll have to make some room to keep the A2 hooked up just to watch this disc!

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Hey there-I THINK this was in fact a disc that was a "trouble" disc way back, where it did not play on certain players. However, there are other discs that will present the same issue. Bali (German import) is another. I can't remember what player it eventually played on, but I had to try my A2, A35, BH 200 and Onkyo 805 to see in which one it worked. I also had to try the Gods and Generals disc in all of my players.
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It turns out this disc WILL play on my A30- I cleared/reset the player (Display-7-0-1-Display) and it now plays, had time a few days ago to watch the whole thing. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory had a similar problem that was fixed by resetting the player (though that disc still has a very high defect/rot rate, and the transfer on it is awful anyways.)
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