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BuGsArEtAsTy's Avatar BuGsArEtAsTy 06:11 AM 09-26-2011
Or so the site says:


PRO-630HD's Avatar PRO-630HD 11:25 AM 09-26-2011
Why am I thinking this is a typo.
BTBuck1's Avatar BTBuck1 01:10 PM 09-26-2011
I musta lucked out when i scooped this on HD-DVD like 2 years ago at Fry's for $2.99, Oh Wait...that was Scary Movie 4 LOL
Laserfan 03:21 PM 09-26-2011
Certainly more than a "typo" it appears, but I'll believe the HD-DVD when I see it!
BuGsArEtAsTy's Avatar BuGsArEtAsTy 09:59 PM 09-26-2011
It's definitely a mistake, but nonetheless it's one that was quite deliberately put in... for the wrong reason, whatever that wrong reason may be. eg. It could be some newbie web designer fresh out of school who doesn't actually know what HD DVD is found the logo and just thought it was the right one for DVD.

BuGsArEtAsTy's Avatar BuGsArEtAsTy 05:25 PM 09-28-2011
Fixed. I guess it's an Alliance disc.

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